CRM + Route optimization: The integration your field sales team needs

This is a guest post by Badger Maps.

Knowing your customers and building a personalized relationship with them is integral to your sales process. Having a centralized place to store, gather, review, and update customer information at any time is just as important.

Many reps plan their day around working at home or in the office—and they can't access CRM from any other location. With CRM mobility, field sales reps can easily access customer information using their favorite navigation apps with the help of the Zoho CRM and Badger Maps integration.

Benefits of using CRM + route optimization
  • Increase productivity by identifying the fastest travel routes, so you can meet with more prospects and customers.
  • Deliver powerful customer service by always knowing where to find customers and prospects, so you can reach them quickly.
  • Elevate your sales with access to all customer details on the road so you can deliver personalized messages in your meetings.
  • Capture data from the field automatically with a centralized database that will automatically update your CRM.
Take your CRM to the next level

A route optimization app, like Badger Maps, can improve communication with customers and prospects and help you better utilize your CRM. Route optimization works by considering your destination and current traffic to calculate the fastest, most efficient route.

Badger Maps, for example, can let you know when you will arrive at your destination based on your number of stops, time spent at those stops, and traffic. This is essential for field sales reps. If they are ahead or behind schedule, they can contact their customer(s) and adjust meetings accordingly.

When you integrate your CRM with route optimization software, such as Badger Maps with Zoho CRM, both sales reps and sales managers benefit.

  • Sales reps can prioritize their day and focus on the best prospects by filtering opportunities based on their location and schedule. Reps can save travel time, and work more efficiently, with automated call and activity logging, record updates, and notes.
  • Sales managers can view field stats and CRM insights to see how their reps perform. Using Badger Maps with Zoho CRM, managers can gain insights into rep activities and performance in the field, and more easily optimize territories for sales performance. Additionally, managers can easily uncover unused leads and undersold accounts with map-based visualization.

The combination of software gives managers an objective and unbiased view of sales rep success.

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