App Spotlight: Arrivy Extension for Zoho CRM

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Arrivy Extension for Zoho CRM

With Arrivy, sales and support teams using Zoho CRM can work in sync with their operations and dispatch teams. Arrivy allows for easy task handoff from Zoho so that teams can efficiently schedule, dispatch, and route plans and provide a better customer experience.

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Business needs

Companies can experience significant revenue loss due to the following:

    • Scheduling errors

    • Inadequate equipment and planning

    • Losing customers due to low engagement.

    • Outdated logistics and workflow strategies.


Integrate Arrivy with Zoho CRM to:

    • Automate team and customer communication

    • Create automated workflows

    • Optimize route planning

    • Efficiently schedule crew and equipment


    • Improve customer experience through personalized communication.

    • Save operational time by seamlessly mapping fields between Zoho CRM deals and Arrivy tasks.

    • Enhance team performance with open communication between all functions of your organizations and, most importantly, your customers.

Get Arrivy Extension for Zoho CRM


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