App Spotlight: Google Routes for Zoho CRM

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Google Routes for Zoho CRM  

View accurate lead and customer locations in Zoho CRM and find the most optimized routes to reach them.

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Business needs

With the growth in registered organizations around the world, your potential business prospects, networks, and leads are bound to rise in number. To keep up with geographically-diverse business prospects, it's necessary to have as much information at hand as possible. Knowing the prospect locations can help you shape stronger business strategies. This is where Google Routes for Zoho CRM comes to your service.


The Google Routes extension brings the Google Maps API into Zoho CRM modules and enables you to:

  • Create location markers and fetch addresses to auto-fill your records.
  • Add lead or customer locations into any Zoho CRM module and automatically generate routes using the Google Maps API.
  • View the distance between leads so you can build an optimized route that saves time.
  • Gain access to accurate locations for all business leads.
  • View optimized routes to reach lead and customer locations.
Try Google Routes for Zoho CRM


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