App Spotlight: GoDial for Zoho CRM

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GoDial for Zoho CRM

GoDial for Zoho CRM is an automated dialing extension that integrates effortlessly with Zoho CRM, enabling businesses to connect with their leads efficiently and effectively. Dial, manage, and follow up with your leads from your phone, increasing productivity and sales opportunities.

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Business needs

In the fast-paced, competitive business landscape, it is essential for companies to connect with their leads as quickly as possible. A common challenge that businesses face is managing and dialing leads manually, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Efficient lead management and speedy dialing can increase engagement and drive sales.


GoDial for Zoho CRM automates the process of dialing leads, reducing manual effort and increasing efficiency. Here's how:

  • GoDial’s autodialer software enables quick and efficient dialing of Zoho CRM leads.

  • It eliminates the time-consuming process of manually entering numbers and writing feedback.

  • With GoDial’s mobile CRM, all lead details and follow-up dates are readily accessible, reducing the need for multiple tabs and hardware.

  • The solution supports remote work, allowing users to work from anywhere using their phones.

  • Tasks and reminders ensure timely follow-up, maximizing sales opportunities.


  • Efficiency and productivity: By automating the dialing process, GoDial saves you time and increases productivity. Manual errors are reduced, leading to more accurate dialing and connections.

  • Lead engagement and sales opportunities: GoDial ensures you connect with your leads quickly, increasing engagement and sales opportunities. Timely reminders and follow-ups ensure no leads fall through the cracks, enhancing sales opportunities.

  • Remote working capabilities: GoDial allows you to work from anywhere, providing flexibility and promoting efficiency.

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