From chaos to calm: The active noise cancellation feature for enhanced calls

John, an IT employee, decided to attend a meeting remotely. However, his meeting experience quickly turned into an hour of frustration and distraction, not just for him but for every other participant in the meeting. This was due to the loud background noise from every participant's side. Just like John, we've all been in a similar situation while attending a critical office call. If you've ever found yourself rushing to silence the noise from your air conditioner during an office call or struggling to focus amidst various disturbances while working remotely, you're not alone. 

But fret not! Zoho Cliq has a solution that will put an end to these distractions. The new active noise cancellation feature in Zoho Cliq eliminates unwanted noise and interruptions during your calls, enabling you to engage in meetings without getting distracted or worrying about background noise.

Difference between environmental noise cancellation and active noise cancellation

Environmental noise cancellation (ENC) and active noise cancellation (ANC) are techniques used to cancel unwanted noise during audio communication. However, they differ in their approach and effectiveness. ENC aims to eliminate background noise through noise isolation or soundproofing. It focuses on creating a controlled environment by reducing external noise and limiting sound transmission from the surroundings. On the other hand, ANC is a more advanced technology that uses specialized algorithms to actively counteract ambient noise. It analyzes incoming audio signals, identifies unwanted noise, and generates anti-noise signals to cancel them out. This active process provides a higher level of noise reduction and is particularly effective in mitigating constant and low-frequency noises, such as air conditioning, road vehicles, or background chatter. ANC reduces incoming sound by an average of around 30 dB, which helps decrease the amount of unwanted noise you are exposed to.

Zoho Cliq uses ANC for calls to improve audio clarity, eliminate background noise, and provide a personalized and distraction-free experience for users attending calls and meetings. This feature also ensures optimal voice quality and enables effective communication in diverse environments, making it ideal for calls, meetings, and remote presentations.

So, what's next? Say goodbye to distractions with the active noise cancellation feature

Background noises pose a multitude of problems and distractions. It results in errors, delays, and extra work, which can hinder smooth business operations and easily lead to miscommunication. The active noise cancellation feature in Zoho Cliq is a valuable solution to these challenges.

To check if this feature is enabled in your Zoho Cliq account:

This feature is enabled by default for all users. However, to check if it's enabled or to turn it off, you can:

  1. Go to Profile & Settings.
  2. Click on Calls & Meetings.
  3. You'll find the option to Enable audio enhancement for calls and meetings—if this feature is on, it means active noise cancellation is enabled for all your calls.
  4. If you do not want this feature enabled, simply click on the toggle to turn it off.

To put it briefly

Zoho Cliq's active noise cancellation feature enhances your call experience, eliminating the need to tolerate disturbing background noises or struggle to focus during critical meetings. Bid farewell to the frustrations of battling to hear and be heard with Zoho Cliq's active noise cancellation feature.


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