Adapting payroll management to the evolving workforce

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Workforce management has become even more difficult with reduced working hours, stand-downs, and remote work. For payroll managers and systems, the changing environment means increased complexity. This complexity has caused a corresponding increase in the volume of work, leaving many people working in payroll nursing intense headaches.

It’s easy to make mistakes under these conditions and manual data entry can increase the risk of errors and hinder productivity. There are a lot of moving parts in payroll management, which can be difficult to keep track of. Employees should be able to easily keep track of their shifts, send leave requests, and create timesheets. With traditional payroll and bookkeeping, a lot of this information is difficult to take control of.

One of the biggest issues with payroll today is security. With traditional payroll bookkeeping, there’s not really a good way to ensure that information is secure and sensitive information is kept safe. It can be easy for employee and financial information to get lost or even stolen—which could be disastrous.

Employing payroll software can help you overcome the challenges faced using the traditional payroll processes. And integrating your payroll system with workforce management software can help you automate payroll processing end-to-end and break data silos so that employees from the HR and finance teams are on the same page.

Simplify payroll management with Payroll Hub for Zoho

Payroll Hub integrates KeyPay with both Zoho Books and Zoho People, making sure all your employee details are synced systematically from your HR software to your payroll system and then to your accounting software. The extension helps you streamline your entire payroll process and keep track of pay runs, travel expenses, timesheets, employee reimbursements, attendance, and more, all from one place. The integration also comes with an employee self-service portal that allows staff members to manage their leave, expenses, and timesheets directly.

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