5 reasons your sales team needs a telephony system

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A good sales performance hinges on many factors, including the way you enable the sales activity and whether your customer interactions are professional and efficient. Here are five ways a telephone system can enable your sales agents to get more done.

#1  Call automation to increase productivity

Sales is a prospecting game at the first stage; the more people you call, the more potential customers you have to generate sales. A telephony integration for your CRM can help automate the pipelines and recapture productive hours on what really matters.

Solution: When you link a phone system like Yeastar P-Series PBX System with Zoho CRM, your reps can call prospects with a simple click on CRM and fetch all call control features (like call record, hold, and transfer) in a matter of seconds. For inbound calls from any of your customers, their CRM records will be automatically displayed on the screen, so your sales team always knows who is calling before answering and can use the contextual details for quality interactions.

#2  Enable working from anywhere

If your sales reps work remotely and, depending on the time of day, can be in front of their PCs, office desk phones, or mobile phones, you should adopt a telephony solution that aligns your CRM data across platforms and is readily accessible from anywhere.

Solution: With the Yeastar P-Series for Zoho CRM integration, your sales reps have the ability to make and receive business calls seamlessly on any device, no matter their location. The native integration syncs your CRM contacts and prospects to your business phone system, IP Phones, and web and mobile softphone in near-real time. Whenever customers call, your sales reps always get caller ID on the device they use. They can also quickly search and call CRM contacts right from their own mobile phones, even on the move.

#3  Improve customer care in every node of interaction

Happier customers drive higher sales. It’s key to make your customers feel cared for at every step of call interactions.

Solution: Yeastar P-Series comes with a call center functionality that helps you accomplish this. The service center manager can leverage call routing rules to reduce call wait times and set up automatic post-call surveys for service improvement. You also have the option to offer customers automatic callback when the queue line is busy.

#4  Add visual communication to speed up the sales cycle

When it comes to sales, video meetings are hard to beat, as you can tactfully adjust your approach according to the prospect’s reaction to your pitch. Regardless of whether you’ve built an initial relationship with a prospect and introduced your company’s product, nothing compares to a live, in-depth demonstration.

Solution: With the Yeastar P-Series for Zoho CRM integration, sale reps can start live meetings and screen sharing with practically no setup. If you need to hold an impromptu one-on-one meeting during a phone call, it requires only one click to switch the channel. This way, conversations with the contacts will not be disrupted.

#5  Generate reports to keep track of productivity

Every interaction with a customer offers valuable insight for your business.

Solution: You can automatically log inbound and outbound calls in Zoho CRM with the Yeastar P-Series extension, so your sales reps can spend more time on deals, not data entries. Better yet, complementary to your customer interaction records, Yeastar P-Series PBX System can report metrics like call volume, answer rate, agent performance, and satisfaction reports to help you improve the process and focus on prospects that will convert.

The Yeastar P-Series for Zoho CRM integration is supported on all three editions of Yeastar P-Series PBX System. You can test the integration with the 30-day free Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition. Just head over to Zoho Marketplace to explore the integration details.

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