5 reasons to connect your telephony systems with Zoho Desk

On-call support is one of the most popular support channels available today. Customers across all age groups prefer a direct call with a service team over any other medium.

So how do you provide a seamless customer support experience over the phone? The answer is simple—hook your help desk up to your customer service phone number and start making and receiving calls right from Zoho Desk. Here's 5 reasons why you should connect your telephony systems with Zoho Desk.

Skip manual dialing and get more productive. Make calls with a single click from a contact record within your Zoho Desk ticket.

Get on-screen call pop-ups to see key details and caller history before you even get on the call. Associate calls with an existing ticket or create a new ticket for first-time callers.

Record all incoming and outgoing calls and automatically attach the recording to the right ticket after it's over. This allows you to listen to them later and keep improving your support process.

Allow your customers to leave their questions as a voicemail, in case you miss their call. The voicemail will automatically get logged as a new ticket in Zoho Desk and you can respond to them like a regular call.

Generate reports to view the amount of time spent on each call. Get actionable insights such as average call time (ACT), number of calls dropped, average traffic at different intervals of the day, and more.

Connecting your telephone systems with Zoho Desk will enable you to set up a fully functional call center right within your browser. While there are 85+ options to choose from, here's a list of hand-picked telephony extensions from Zoho Marketplace:

Aircall                              Avaya                               Exotel 

3CX                                    Jive                                 Ring Central

Knowlarity                     Twilio                              Spotfone

Can't find your telephony service provider in our Marketplace? Drop them in the comments section below so we can work on integrating them into Zoho Desk!


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