3 ways to harness conversation intelligence to improve sales

This is a guest post by Rafiki.ai.

According to a recent survey by Gartner, nearly 51% of sales organizations have already deployed or plan to deploy algorithmic-guided selling in the next five years. In short, unless companies figure out a way to maximize their revenue, staying abreast with the competition is going to be tough.

In this post, we'll look at how you can better manage sales by leveraging Zoho CRM and a conversation intelligence solution like Rafiki.   

#1  Keep checking the health of your sales process  

The first thing you need to do is to create a sales health management process where you get access to your rep’s most recent conversations and key metrics. Ensuring that the right rep has been assigned to the right deal, helping them maintain good interactivity, and equipping them with the right tools for prospecting calls while following up on their previous conversations can all do wonders in your pursuit to win deals. Make use of the deal data from your CRM and combine it with conversation intelligence from a platform like Rafiki to see:

  • A consolidated view of your deals
  • Meetings under the deals
  • Deal size
  • Next steps for the deal
  • Deal risks

...and many more. You can spot deal risks across all the meetings, take corrective action, and push the deal towards closure before it slips out of hand.

#2  Make sales training relevant

Apart from enabling your sales reps to achieve their quota, a good training and onboarding process also allows you to spot weaker reps and help them improve quickly.

The best way to train your sales reps is to use the exact techniques that worked best for your organization based on a gold mine of data that you already have—the combined data from your CRM and the analysis from a conversation intelligence platform like Rafiki. Incorporating your most successful sales techniques at every deal stage and clubbing it with the exact conversation patterns of your most successful rep into your onboarding process will ensure that your reps hit their maximum quotas.

Getting meeting notes, identifying topics discussed in those meetings, creating a playlist of your best meetings, extracting topic patterns discussed by your most successful reps, and coaching your novice reps with relevant contextual data will help build confidence and accelerate their quota attainment.

#3  React to market changes quickly and incorporate them into your sales pitch

The chances are that your prospects are trying out many of your competitor’s services too. Analyzing competitor mentions on deal conversations and correlating it with data such as deal size, price risks in the deal, and more will help you understand the competitor’s strategy.

The best source of truth is always from the horse’s mouth—the customers themselves. With conversation intelligence integrated into your CRM, you can:

  • Analyze your sales conversations under every deal
  • Spot competitor strategies and evolving market trends
  • Arm your sales rep with “ahead-of-the-curve” data

With contextual data and the best conversation patterns, closing deals become straightforward for your reps.

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