Zoho Mail Outlook add-in: Empowering Outlook users to tackle spam better

If you’re like most Outlook users, you probably spend a good portion of your day on your Outlook client sending or reading emails, managing tasks, and keeping track of your daily schedules. However, no matter how much you enjoy using Outlook, the experience gets even better with Zoho Mail with Outlook client.

Want that “out of the box” experience when great apps work together? With Zoho Mail constantly adding new features and functions to your favorite client, your user experience is sure to be smooth and productive. Now, we want to make your daily work using Outlook even more streamlined by helping you tackle spam and unwanted email. Introducing the Zoho Mail Outlook Add-in.

The new Zoho Mail Outlook Add-in helps you go from a cluttered inbox to an inbox zen.

Zoho Mail's anti-spam and email security capabilities are unmatched in the industry, offering you best-in-class protection available against various email threats such as junk, SPAM, phishing, and malicious emails. While a message may still slip through from time to time, either due to the low spam score or the nature of the email, this new Add-in will warn you if any such suspicious emails end up in your inbox, as well as make it easy to flag these emails as SPAM or phishing emails.

With Time-of-click Alerts that appear at the bottom of the suspicious email, the Add-in warns you of a probable threat. Emails originating from senders external to your organization, or those that fail standard authentication mechanisms, are brought to your attention at the time of click. You can choose to block or trust the sender or report the email as spam or phishing from the in-place action buttons.

Zoho Mail Outlook Add-in

Report Spam and Report Phishing buttons are the other two features that can help you take charge of your inbox. This works like a feedback loop for better spam control for you and your organization. Although Zoho Mail already has a spam catch rate of >99%, the ever-changing threat landscape creates the possibility of advanced spam or phishing emails landing in your inbox. By reporting these unsolicited emails as Spam or Phishing, you can help us block these emails in future. Similarly, reporting such senders also helps block these emails from reaching your colleague’s mailbox.

To do this, simply click on the “Report Spam” or “Report Phishing” button in the ribbon under the Zoho Mail tab to flag the email as a threat. This moves the suspected email to the spam folder while simultaneously sending the message directly to Zoho Mail's spam engine for analysis and action.

The Zoho Mail Outlook Add-in also includes a self-service feature like Managing Senders, that will help you view and manage your list of Trusted/ Rejected and Allowed/ Blocked email addresses. You can further add or categorize email addresses in these lists.

For example, let's say you have multiple accounts or aliases configured with Outlook such as rebecca@zylker.com and rebecca.taylor@zylker.in. The Accounts tab allows you to use the Add-in's features with both these accounts/ aliases. If rebecca@zylker.com is your active account, then rebecca@zylker.com will be displayed in the ribbon and Zoho Mail's anti-spam functions will work for rebecca@zylker.com account and shows the list of trusted/ rejected and allowed/ blocked email addresses under this account. If we switch to mail folders of rebecca.taylor@zylker.in, rebecca.taylor@zylker.in will be displayed under the Accounts section in the ribbon and Zoho Mail's anti-spam functions will work for the rebecca.taylor@zylker.in account.

We hope this Zoho Mail Outlook Add-in for Windows, available in 32 bit and 64 bit, will enhance your experience using Zoho Mail with Microsoft Outlook. Click how to download and configure to learn about the pre-requisites and steps to install the Add-in. If you have any questions or feedback to share, feel free to email us at support@zohomail.com, or leave a comment below.


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