AR Support for all your contacts and prospects: Zoho Lens now integrates with Zoho CRM.

What happens when you need to assist your prospects remotely?

Do you get stressed out while switching between tabs, only to overcomplicate your pitch? At Zoho Lens, we empathize with your need for easy remote assistance operations.

Zoho Lens - Zoho CRM Integration

Introducing Live Camera Assistance powered by Zoho Lens

We've made your sales pitch easier than ever by integrating Zoho Lens with Zoho CRM. You can now assist your prospects and contacts remotely and efficiently.

Zoho Lens - Zoho CRM Integration

Enhance your productivity by making your remote assistance sessions work for you

As a support technician, do you feel like you're repeating the same advice over and over to different prospects? Using Zoho Lens, you can save time by recording your remote assistance sessions and sharing them with your contacts in just a few clicks. You can also conduct internal audits and analyze your support efficiency by generating comprehensive session reports. Administrators can effectively monitor technician activity through the Action Log Viewer in Zoho Lens.

Live Camera Streaming

View a live stream of your contact's smartphone camera, and provide remote assistance directly from your computer.

AR Annotations

Highlight 3D objects in real-time using Zoho Lens's ubiquitous virtual annotation technology. Annotate and point out 3D objects and provide helpful context.

Image Freeze

Instantly freeze your incoming camera stream and capture screenshots to analyze the situation more thoroughly. Document and organize your screenshots to quickly highlight specific events during your remote assistance session.


Customize your augmented reality-based remote assistance sessions using Zoho Lens' rebranding options. Add your own logos, favicons, and names to your Zoho Lens portal. You can even customize the portal URL to each of your organization's prospects.

What does it cost?

You can access this integration for free. Simply install Zoho Lens from Zoho CRM's Marketplace. Get an all-access pass to our premium features starting at just $14 per month. Learn more about our pricing structure.

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