Zoho Invoice V 1.7 arrives in iTunes

There’s a gathering of all invoice apps in town and they have just one topic to discuss. The arrival of Zoho Invoice iPhone App –Version 1.7

Chieftain: All updates are same. A few bug fixes and tiny little makeover. No panic whatsoever.

All : Didn’t you hear about V 1.7??

Chieftain: Updates his memory and shakes himself and says … No

All: With a sigh, outdated as always . WAKE UP Chief!!

Zoho Invoice iPhone app version 1.7 arrives in the iTunes bringing three important updates. Our primary focus was to reduce effort when you are invoicing via mobile and to save your time.​

One touch– Add a contact you want from your iPhone address book to your Zoho Invoice customer list in just a few taps. Not just that, data like email address, phone number and other details will be moved automatically. You don’t have to enter SAME data again..EVER.

Add contact from iPhone address book

All at one go – Now add a new customer from the new invoice screen itself. No more swinging back and forth.

More power – Don’t go hunting for a desktop computer to edit your organization details. Do it right from your iPhone app. Remember.. With great power comes great flexibility… ahem and responsibility.

​Do ‘Smart Invoicing’ with your Zoho Invoice iPhone app.

Want to check the app? Tune into itunes


4 Replies to Zoho Invoice V 1.7 arrives in iTunes

  1. Hi Robert,Sorry for the delayed response.
    Good news :) We've released the new version for the android app. You have all the above listed features in the android app as well. More details here https://blog.zoho.com/general/checking-in-zoho-invoice-android-app-v-1-3.html" rel="nofollow">https://blog.zoho.com/general/...
    We'll be placing our app in the Amazon Appstore shelves shortly. With regards to the start and end time fields in time entry module, it is definitely on our roadmap. So stay tuned in for the update.

  2. Will the Android app have the same enhancements?
    When will an app be available for the Kindle Fire?
    When will Start & End Time Fields be available in the Time Entry module?

  3. Hi Milton,We understand the new changes has caused a lot of inconvenience to you and we apologise for the same.As mentioned earlier by our team, the non-editable fields in open invoices was introduced yesterday as a result of frequent requests from a lot of our customers. They wanted to keep certain fields in the invoice as non-editable once the invoice was marked as open. We understand the new additions were not liked by many of our other customers like yourself and our development team has reversed it. We've restored the old invoice feature and you'd be able to edit it like before.Also, our Zoho Invoice iPhone app was released long time ago. This blog talks about the new updates released for version 1.7.We appreciate your feedback . Thank you.Regards,

  4. Is the release of the new mobile app the reason for the serious loss in functionality in Zoho Invoice? I was informed by a member of the support team that the reason invoices can no longer be edited after payments have been received was an intentional change per customer requests. Since when do customers want LESS functionality from their software? I can't help but think that the open invoice editing functionality was sacrificed to streamline the system--at the expense of customers working in the service trades, who frequently receive down payments before projects are completely billed.Now our only option is to void an invoice and convert it to "draft' every time we need to update it, after having painstakingly voided all the payments and recorded them elsewhere. This change pretty much destroys the practicality of the system for our business as a stone fabrication shop. Now I'm waiting to see if your team even intends to restore the editing functions, or if I'll be forced to transfer all of our data to a new invoice provider.

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