Unveiling BluePencil: The smart writing assistant that's always on hand!

We are thrilled to announce that BluePencil, Zia's browser extension avatar, is now live.

A browser extension for Writer's AI-driven smart writing assistant was one of our most requested features, and we're excited to fulfill this popular demand! With BluePencil, other Zoho products deliver more value to their users, which makes this release all the more exciting.

Install BluePencil on your Chrome browser and start creating crisp and powerful content.

1. Proofing on the go, wherever you write!

Writing an email? Creating a post on your social media page? Drafting a business document? Make it more impactful with BluePencil. No matter where you are writing—a social media page, a business website, or even an ecommerce portal—BluePencil automatically detects issues and errors and offers suggestions to elevate your writing.

Whether you're on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Outlook, or just about any other popular website, BluePencil scans your text in real time and points out typos, punctuation errors, and grammar mishaps. It also offers suggestions to help polish your writing.

A pocket editor for detailed grammar and style suggestions

The pocket editor provides a comprehensive analysis of your content, and generates a readability score. From identifying grammatical errors, run on sentences, and typos to delivering customized suggestions to avoid wordy phrases, passive sentences, cliches, and more, BluePencil helps make your work clear and impactful.

2. Write in multiple languages using your English keyboard

BluePencil also supports transliteration, so you can write in Tamil and Hindi using your regular English keyboard. With support for Spanish and French already in the works, you will soon be able to use transliteration for many more languages. We'll also be rolling out extensions for Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Apple's Safari soon.

Add BluePencil to your Chrome browser from the Chrome Web Store, take it for a spin, and let us know your feedback and suggestions.

This announcement is part of the #FutureOfCollaboration series that talks about the latest updates to Zoho Workplace. Read the complete announcement here.

Happy writing!


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