New features to power up Zoho Writer's merge templates, Part 2: Payment field support, dynamic signer assignment, conditional attachments, and more

Explore Zoho Writer's latest automation features that power document generation.

We have been continuously adding new capabilities to Zoho Writer's document automation to fulfil our users' demands. The latest updates include payment field support, rule-based signers assignment, conditional attachments, dynamic folder creation for document storage, and more.

These brief overviews, paired with hypothetical use cases for the fictitious educational institute—Zylker EduTrust, aim to help you understand how the new features will help you accelerate your business processes and enhance productivity.

Instant payment receipts and notifications

Business case: Make online payment acknowledgements easy with instant receipts.

With payment field support, whenever donors make donations through Zylker's website, payment notifications go to the Zylker EduTrust team instantly. Here's the cherry on top: As soon as a donor makes a donation, the donor receives an email with a personalized, heartfelt thank-you message, along with details such as the donated amount and project to which they donated.

Here's how Zylker EduTrust makes this happen:

  • Their admin creates an online form using Zoho Forms, seamlessly integrating payment options.

  • They also create a merge template in Zoho Writer with the required email message and merge fields, including the payment field.

  • Once donors fill in the required details and make the payment, a payment receipt PDF is automatically generated.

  • Zoho Writer's merge template then utilizes this information to compose and dispatch a personalized thank-you email to the donor, along with the donor and transaction details.

Rule-based signer assignment 

Business case: Dynamically assign signers, set alternate signers, or add additional signers to a document.

Whenever Zylker EduTrust has to apply for a grant or loan from the government, if the value exceeds $500,000, one of the trust's directors must also be added as a signer for compliance.

Let's take a look at how Zylker EduTrust does this:

  • Zylker's admin uses the rule-based signer assignment feature in Zoho Writer's merge template to get this done.

  • They configure a rule which specifies that if a grant or loan amount requested is more than $500,000, Sarah, their director, should be included as an additional signer in the loan agreement.

  • Once this rule is configured, every time a loan proposal is generated, Zoho Writer's merge template checks the amount and dynamically adds Sarah as a signer if the amount exceeds the specified threshold value.

Conditional attachments 

Business case: Dynamically attach files to emails based on specific conditions.

Zylker EduTrust offers diverse courses to its students. Whenever a student registers, the team automatically emails them their necessary documents based on the course they signed up for, like a syllabus and course material list.

Here's how they do it:

  • The Zylker admin configures the attachment settings in Zoho Writer's merge template where they specify the attachments that have to be included for each course.

  • As soon as a student registers for a course, the details are populated by the template and, based on the course name in the course field, the system dynamically includes the specified attachments in the email. There are no mix-ups or confusion.

Number formatting: Cardinal-ordinal numbers

Business case: Express numbers in words and vice versa.

Zylker EduTrust sends a monthly report to all their donors, mentioning the projects they executed during that month along with the total value of the projects. They use the new number formatting option in merge templates to effortlessly express the total value in words and figures, maintaining a professional touch.

Multiple unique attachments in one email

Business case: Attach multiple unique files to a single email instead of sending separate emails for each attachment

Once a course ends, Zylker EduTrust sends an email with details like the students who completed the course, their graduation pictures, and more to all the donors who supported the students in that course. Traditionally, sending such information required multiple emails, with each email containing only a specific detail in the attachment.

Zylker EduTrust now leverages the multiple unique attachments option in Zoho Writer's merge templates to achieve this.

This feature allows the trust to dynamically include, for instance, four attachments in one email instead of sending four separate emails, each with its own attachment. Every recipient receives a comprehensive document package tailored precisely for them, significantly enhancing their overall experience.

Dynamic document organization

Business case: Automatically store generated documents in appropriate folders.

Zylker EduTrust frequently generates numerous personalized documents, like academic certificates, staff contracts, and event-related materials. Every document generated has to be automatically stored in the designated folder, making it simple to find and manage documents. Furthermore, wherever needed, a new folder has to be dynamically created for the documents.

How Zylker EduTrust manages to pull this off:

  • Zoho Writer's merge templates offer the flexibility to set up dynamic target folders in the post-merge workflow for the mail merge documents.

  • Zylker EduTrust can tailor the structure, like <Student.Dept>/<Course Title>/<Student.Name>_details.pdf

This ensures that each document is systematically stored in its designated location.

That's it for now! Try out all these new features along with the data visualization (group by) and summarization (aggregation) capabilities that we added recently, and let us know your feedback.

If you need any assistance or have any questions, please write to us at

See you soon with another set of exciting updates from the realm of document automation!

Until then,

Keep those documents flowing!


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