Zoho CRM gets an iPad app

In our continuous efforts to making Zoho CRM available on all mobile platforms, we are excited to announce the immediate availability of our dedicated iPad app for Zoho CRM in the iTunes App store. The iPad app for CRM (a Universal app now for iOS supporting both iPhone and iPad form factors) is designed and tailored specific to iPad dimensions and dynamics blending power and ease of use together.

We have conceived the design for this app keeping simplicity of data access and data entry at the fore-front. We have used real-world objects like Wallet & Business Cards to represent contact information, which will help users relate to information and act upon them instantly. The iPad app comes readily optimized for the Resolutionary New iPad featuring the gorgeous Retina display with access to core set of features as detailed below.

The app helps you:

  • View, Add, Edit, Delete and Search for records in the following modules – Contacts, Accounts, Leads, Potentials, Tasks, Events, Calls and Cases
  • Access custom views that are defined in the online CRM system
  • Work offline even when there is not internet connectivity – Data entered offline will be auto-synchronized with the online CRM system when connection becomes available
  • Email, Call and Locate Address of Contacts on a Map
  • Make quick notes on the interactions you have with your Contacts as Call logs or as a text notes (Voice notes coming soon..)
  • and more…

Here is a brief walk through of the app

That’s not all.. We have also redesigned our iPhone app making it slick and usable compared to the previous version with additional features, the most notable being access to user defined custom views, making it a compelling companion on the go. A comparison of Dashboards of the old version and the new version is shown below:


Zoho CRM for iPhone Old Vs New

For more details on the complete set of features and functions of the app, please visit the respective wiki links – iPhone app wiki, iPad app wiki

Note: The app is free to download from the App store but users need to subscribe to the Mobile edition of Zoho CRM to use the app. A FREE, full-featured, 15 day trial is offered to test the app before subscribing to the mobile edition package. Enterprise edition users get free read-only access to the app post the trial period.

Try our apps and let us know what you think – you may use the “Feedback” option present within the app or email us at support@zohomobile.com.

Sathish Rajagopalan


14 Replies to Zoho CRM gets an iPad app

  1. I think this application needs a serious revamp, it is also pretty buggy as not all the info are synced perfectly... we tried on the field with 10 people with ipad during a fair entering data at the same time... disaster, we ended up old fashion way... collect data and sort at home...

  2. @jon luttwakThank you for your words of praise. We appreciate it.Currently, you can access the related contacts of an opportunity by selecting a record and going to 'View Details' where you will have the related contact details as a hyperlink. Also, with regards to downloading more records, we have included a ' Download' button in all the modules which downloads records into the mobile device from the server. Once they are downloaded into the mobile device, you can edit records in the offline mode. We have taken note of your requirement to log calls directly from modules and will check if this can be implemented in the app over time. We are working towards enhancing the app in terms of functionality and user interface so that our users can have a great overall experience with the app.Do keep the feedback coming.Rohan

  3. You guys just rock! this is a super app. I can't believe you got it this right on your first release. A few helpful features would be ability to see related contacts for opportunities and be able to log calls from contacts / leads directly. Perhaps a logged call when dialing number on skype. In addition, being able to download additional records (more then 200) for fast offline access would be great too. This is just a great app already - looking forward to seeing it improved. Keep up the good work. I am already an enterprise user (worksflows rock) and have implemented several CRM's in my time. Your product / company is outstanding.

  4. @Wassim
    We do understand your requirement to have a preview of the account details in the potentials list. We have taken note of your requirement and will check if this can be implemented in the app in upcoming updates. For now, you can view the account details related to a potential by selecting the relevant potential.@Peter
    We do have an app exclusively for Android devices. You can download it from the Google Play store using the link given below.https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zoho.crm" rel="nofollow">https://play.google.com/store/...

  5. Congratulations for new version.
    Please, a very important request is to preview account name in potentials list.
    Now, there is no way to guess to which account belong a potential.
    Thanks a lot

  6. Thank you all for your comments.@George Girton,
    Sorry that we don't have invoicing and it related features built into the app yet. This is in our important list of todos and should be made available soon.@Dan Theade,
    We don't support login using Google apps account in our iPad app yet. You may have to create a Zoho ID (using the existing google apps id) to login into the app. Do write to us at support[at]zohomobile[dot]com and we'll send you the steps to create a Zoho ID using the existing Google apps ID.@chris,
    Thank you for taking note and those encourage words. Appreciate it.@Thomas Hauert,
    Yes, we'll add those modules as soon as possible.@Dayne Sherwood,
    You need to subscribe-to and activate the mobile edition in your Zoho CRM account to get started with the trial. More details on this can be found in the following link:
    https://zohocrm.wiki.zoho.com/Subscribing-to-Mobile-Edition.html#Activate_Mobile_Edition_for_Users" rel="nofollow">https://zohocrm.wiki.zoho.com/...Sathish Rajagopalan

  7. how to I access the "15 day free trial to test the app" both the ipad and iphone apps just say access denied? and dont give me a chance to put in my name and password

  8. iPad application looks fine... Need to add the following. 1) Product 2) Quotes 3) Sale Order 4) Invoices. All of your competitors have these features... Let's go Zoho.. Make this software a real mobile solution

  9. Great job guys. Thrilled that you're constantly making efforts to improve this already fantastic CRM solution. We're only a husband and wife team so we use the free version but were quite happy to pay for the mobile edition because it's worth the investment. For such an incredible system, incl regular developments such as this, I think they should expect to dip their hands in their pockets just a bit and contribute towards (in this case mobile Edition) development.
    Thanks for helping us with our small business!!

  10. I have been enjoying using your CRM for about a week now. How can I log in to the Zoho CRM for iPad, if I'm using Google Apps to access Zoho CRM? I have tried my email and username but it won't accept my password.

  11. Based on what I see here, the Zoho app will not meet my needs. 1) It requires a "subscription to the mobile edition of Zoho to use the app" 2) The main reason I would use it would be convenience to issue an invoice while traveling, which I would need to export as PDF to be able to send. Since there is no mention of this capability, I assume it does not exist. My conclusion is that if I want to use Zoho while traveling? Just take the laptop along.

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