Zoho Mail extensions for business — Getting started.

Meet Chloe, a solopreneur running a marketing consulting agency. She did a lot of market research, established her niche, and hustled to start her business.

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Her marketing business specializes in digital marketing, SEO, and PR activities. Chloe helps business owners gain exposure online and create brand awareness.

Being a solopreneur and running a marketing consultant agency can be daunting. To get her business off the ground and reach prospective clients, she needs to take steps in the right direction.

First things first, Chloe needs a website for her agency. A digital space where she can showcase her marketing expertise, client testimonials, offers and discounts for early birds, etc. Her website will serve as the information hub for her business.

For her website hosting needs, Chloe uses WordPress. Because WordPress is totally free, for a bootstrapped business this is a god-send. WordPress is also flexible enough to scale up with her business as it grows.

Chloe uses Zoho Mail for her e-mailing needs. Zoho Mail offers the option to get her own domain name for her agency. This email client also offers best-in-class privacy tools to facilitate safe emailing.

A custom domain name for her business along with a custom email domain creates credibility with potential clients.

Being a solopreneur, Chloe has to juggle a lot of tasks because she doesn't have a dedicated team to share the workload. This is where the integrations and extensions of Zoho Mail come into play.

Because Chloe is into WordPress and Zoho Mail, she can leverage the Zoho Mail extension for WordPress to automate some time-consuming tasks.

For starters, it automatically sends emails whenever she publishes a new article on her website.

This puts her agency at the top of the mind for prospective clients who are on the lookout for a marketing consultant. For a startup, visibility can be the crucial factor in staying ahead of fierce competition.

This extension also sends personalized emails to potential prospects who visit her website and sign up. These personalized emails may vary from a welcome message, or upcoming offers, to useful articles about thought leadership and other updates.

Mail Merge is a powerful feature that uses information from documents or sheets to draft and send mass emails or messages. Chloe uses the Mail Merge eWidget with Zoho Mail to help her create email campaigns for a variety of use cases.

Chloe can easily send mass emails to prospective customers or clients. These emails will be highly personalized for better reception. They will have information like the services being offered, customer testimonials, and other things.

She can also have spreadsheet data of people who have signed up for her newsletter. Combining this with the Mail Merge eWidget, she now has an automated way of sending articles and news about her agency to keep prospects and clients in the loop.

Mail Merge also lets Chloe keep her clients informed about the progress of their projects. She can send them reports with their website rankings, brand reach, scope for improvement, and other useful updates.

Chloe is drumming up interest from prospective clients and increasing brand awareness with a WordPress website and Zoho Mail. Zoho Mail extensions come in handy and alleviate her hectic work ethic as a solopreneur.

In the next episode, we will see how Chloe manages the operations side of her business to ensure everything runs smoothly like a well-oiled machine.


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