30 Replies to A whole new look & outlook for Zoho CRM

  1. Love ZOHO CRM, it has changed my life and evolved with the growth of my company. Like with my business I appreciate ZOHO constant efforts to update, improve and evolve! Fan For Life!

  2. I loved the new logo <3, the old one was already a bit dated. In fact I would like to download it for a presentation that I have in my company about CRM, but I have not found it.

    1. Hey Juan, thank you. If you're a partner please contact us directly and we'll give you some collateral, if not, please give me your email address and I'll send it out to you :)

  3. The logo is fine and i liked it. But you ahould have stik to the colorful delightful theme in yoyr new logo. Red Green Blue and Orange are best combination and it ahow variaty to eye.

  4. We're new Zoho Recruit customers. It's the most robust and expandable platform we've ever seen. We excited to add more Zoho products in the future and the new logo looks great!

  5. Does that mean the Adobe cloud logo is also a handshake? All that designing to recreate another brand mark. At least the previous mark was unique and distinctive. This one will simply blend with the crowd. One would've hoped for a better redesign from a leading technology company.

  6. I like the original 3D blocks. The new logo doesn't resemble anything Zoho unless you changed that last formation to read Zoho at angles. Good luck. Love the platform.

  7. Smart! Elegant!! You are adapting, evolving, changing, innovating, and setting the trends of our future. Nice job!

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