Tim Berners-Lee and Data-driven Journalism

The Guardian has a good article which quotes Sir Tim Berners-Lee as saying, "Data-driven journalism is the future". The article mentions recent stories like the Wikileaks logs and British MPs spending being brought under the scanner, all through extensive analysis of plentiful data. The article goes on to make the point of how future journalists need to develop capabilities for analyzing data. Can't agree more. They need to take advantage of the choices that the web's offering them too.

The charts and visualizations in print were limited because of their static nature. But over the web, data visualizations can take advantage of technologies like Flash and JavaScript and offer interactive graphics. The Guardian's Data Store and The New York Times' Visualization Lab come to mind. Not just the big publications, we are seeing even smaller newspapers starting to use interactive data sets for their readers. And there are blogs like FlowingData that are providing nice analyses/visualizations which the newspapers and journalists need to keep note of too.

Zoho Analytics offers dynamic report embedding and it is good to see publications using it for their data centric new stories. Ventura County Star is one such newspaper using Zoho Analytics. Below are some articles in the VC Star using interactive Zoho Analytics embeds.

York Dispatch is another paper that is making full use of Zoho Analytics' embed functionality. A couple of examples,
If you are a blogger, journalist or a web publication interested in providing such stories with interactive reports for your readers, do try Zoho Analytics. Write to us at support@zohoreports.com and we will be glad to assist you.


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