Online Invoicing Story: Nick Texidor

We wrote about integrating Zoho Invoice with Google Apps a while back.

Ever since we integrated, many Google apps users have written to us to

say that Zoho Invoice satiates their quest for an affordable and good

online invoicing software.


how we heard from

Nick Texidor, a freelancer from Australia and an

ardent lover of Zoho Invoice. His Zoho Invoice experience was posted on

the Google apps blogs as a customer success story.

Here are some excerpts from the post for a quick read. You can read the full story at the

Solutionsmarketplace blog.


became a pain area for Nick as time went by and his customer base

expanded. Keeping track of invoices became impossible. He remembered

using another Zoho service and he looked back to see if Zoho offers any

invoicing solution. That's when he identified Zoho Invoice. The fact

that Zoho Invoice is integrated with Google Apps, was the real winner

for him. He's been using Google's services for a number of years. Zoho

Invoice on Google Apps meant that he would be able to access his

invoicing data from Google's universal navigation in a click. He soon

moved all his data into Zoho Invoice and became a Zoho Invoice user in

no time. 


Zoho Invoice Nick is able to satiate one of his primary

requirements in an invoicing software, the ability to send recurring

invoices to his customers. This makes his invoicing process much

simpler considering that he offers hosting websites as a service to his

customers. It was a relief to him to be able to set his recurring

invoices and not be worried about it or to manually keep track of them.

He received an email when its due to be sent and all he had to do is to

approve it. With Zoho Invoice

his clients were able to pay him online

through payment gateways like PayPal which meant faster payments and no

more waiting for those checks from across the globe.

Another thing he loves is the ease and speed at which you can create an

invoice and navigate to Zoho Invoice. The ability to be able to move

his contacts from his Google account into Zoho Invoice meant that he

wouldn't need to download his contacts and import them into Zoho

invoice. Toggling with multiple usernames and passwords isn't something

any of us fancy and neither does Nick.




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