More on Office 2.0 going mainstream

This is in continuation to Ismael Ghalimi's post 'Office 2.0 is going Mainstream'. Yes, web apps being put to use by journalists & getting mentioned in MSM is the next logical step in the right direction. Zoho Writer was mentioned in 'The Wall Street Journal' too by Jeremy Wagstaff sometime ago. (the article requires subscription to be viewed)

We have received feedback from a very diversified community that's put Zoho Writer to good use. Schools use it as teachers give presentations & assignments online while students collaborate on projects easily (no emailing of documents to & fro), librarians recommend it (Gary Price uses Zoho), writers use it (we have got mails from a few budding authors who are using it to pen their novels/books), bloggers post to their blogs as Zoho Writer is compatible with WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, LiveJournal etc and this got us surprised - even doctorsfind Zoho Writer useful!

The same's the case with other Zoho applications too. This shows how web apps in the Office 2.0 space are making a significant impact too, in tandem with their more famous social networking cousins like Flickr,, YouTube etc.


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