The New York Times mentions Zoho Writer

Damon Darlin at 'The New York Times' in an article titled, "Now, Free Ways to Do Desktop Work on the Web" mentions Zoho Writer. The article lists many free web services that users can take advantage of. Instead of installing costly desktop based software like Microsoft Office (that costs around $400), users can make use of these services. About Zoho Writer, he writes,

If you don't want to wait for Google['s Writely], a similar browser application is already available called Zoho Writer at (I wrote most of this article on Zoho with as much ease as writing with Microsoft Word.) Writeboard ( is a competitor. Another program, called Ajax Write (, lacks the spell checking and word count functions that Word has taught us to rely upon.

Nice seeing Zoho Writer being put to use by journalists for their word processing needs. This sure will make strong Web Office advocates like Ismael Ghalimi proud. Thanks a lot Damon, for using Zoho Writer & mentioning it in your article!


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