Zoho Writer’s latest update

We had one more Zoho Writer update yesterday. The update addressed quite a few issues that creeped in when we moved over to the grid. It also added a few cool features.

You can now post to your blog even without having to sign up to Zoho Writer. Just invoke the feature rich Zoho Writer editor through the ‘Quick Create‘ button, type your blog post (you can even embed images), click on ‘Post to Blog’, give your blog configurations details & you are ready to publish.

Previously, we allowed uploading of documents (doc, html, odt etc) from your desktop. Now you can upload (import) documents into your Zoho Writer account directly from the web.

Want to insert html code snippets? Previously you had to toggle to the HTML source view, locate where you wanted to insert & then paste the code. It’s now been made a lot easier. Below’s an example of embeding a Zoho Sheet chart.

Impressed with Zoho Writer & want it to introduce to your friends? We have made it easier with the ‘Tell a Friend’ option. Just type your friends’ email IDs & we will post them a mail inviting them on your behalf to join Zoho Writer.

A few issues are being looked into now & fixes should be available in the next update. This includes intermittent problems in posting to blogger.com blogs & cache issues in IE6 – the docs listed in left panel disappear, new docs not getting listed even after getting successfully saved, shared mail info not being visible etc.


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