Announcing Zoho Sync: Push Mail And Mobile Sync Service

We made a new year resolution to keep our services in tune with the ever evolving world, especially with respect to the rapidly growing smartphone and tablet segment. Today, we are glad to announce the release of Zoho Sync for mobile devices. You can now get automatic notifications PUSHed to your mobile phone or tablet when new emails arrive and your device’s local mail, contacts and calendar applications will sync with the web client in real time.

Zoho Sync for Mobile Devices

What’s neat is that this 2-way synchronization happens over-the-air, in the background (provided an internet connection is available) and once turned on, does not require any further manual intervention. So wherever you are, however occupied you might be doing other things, your mobile device will be up-to-date with the latest messages, event updates and contact information.

Zoho Sync functions using your mobile device’s Microsoft Exchange® ActiveSync® (EAS) account support and does not require any additional software. Since almost all the latest IOS, Android and Windows mobile devices support EAS, you can easily enable Zoho Sync on most mobile devices that run on these popular platforms. If you want to sync only mail, only mail and calendar but not contacts and so on, you can specify your options in your device’s EAS account settings.

ZSync Exchange Account Setup     ZSync Automatic Notification

So how is using Zoho Sync better compared to the typical IMAP setup? Let’s see:

  • Instead of your mobile device having to check (poll) for updates at regular intervals, notifications are pushed from the server to the device. This improves battery life.
  • You’ll receive automatic notifications on your phone the instant a new email arrives.
  • You’ll receive automatic notifications about new calendar events and event updates the instant the changes are made.
  • Email, calendar and contacts related actions you perform on your mobile will automatically reflect on your web client and vice versa. For example, when you read an email on your mobile, it is marked as read when you log in to the web client later on.

During our in-house tests, the syncing was smooth on the iPhone, iPad and Windows mobile devices. However, we did experience issues with certain models of Android phones. This is because of limitations induced by the customized Android versions shipped by the individual mobile makers and we are continuously working on overcoming them.

So go ahead and set up Zoho Sync on your mobile device and let it tell you that ‘You’ve got mail!’, as soon as it arrives. Be warned that once you turn on push notifications, your phone could be buzzing continuously and you might get addicted to checking mail. And do make sure you back up data before setting up the EAS account because existing data might be removed.

And please help us by sparing a few minutes in providing feedback about how this worked for you.

Has your phone started dinging yet? Coz…. you’ve got mail!

Update(26th June, 2012): Zoho Sync support is now available in all plans. Previously it was open only to users in organizations with their email hosted under the Zoho Mail Standard 15GB plan. Please request the administrator of your organization to go to the Control Panel and ensure that Zoho Sync is enabled for users. This is explained in the list of Zoho Mail feature updates made on Feb 06, 2012.


53 Replies to Announcing Zoho Sync: Push Mail And Mobile Sync Service

  1. I was able to setup EAS on my iPhone but it would not sync older emai (older than 6 months), even though I have selected "No Limit" for "Mail Days to Sync". Anyone have any idea? This will be a show stopper for us.

  2. the NOTE says Zoho Sync Support will only have access to this.Does that mean only Support will be given to paid users? Or only paid users can access the syncing?

  3. ah, but google finally reveals the cost. it is you yourself. what used to be innocent ads displayed aside your gmail will now be Home Depot ads which follow you across the internet because you wrote someone an email about your upcoming home improvement project.

  4. *** READ THIS FROM ORIGINAL POST ABOVE: ***Note: Zoho Sync support will be available only to users in organizations with their email hosted under the Zoho Mail Standard 15GB plan. Please request the administrator of your organization to go to the Control Panel and ensure that Zoho Sync is enabled for users.
    This is explained in the list of Zoho Mail’s latest feature updates made on Feb 06, 2011.

  5. Hi Hari, we're curious as to when Zoho plans to release the mail-sync functionality for BlackBerry? Are we looking at this year? Or, is the timeline more like 2013 and beyond? Thank you. David

  6. i have 2 gmail exchange accts on my iphone.did you notice (above)?: "Note: Zoho Sync support will be available only to users in organizations with their email hosted under the Zoho Mail Standard 15GB plan."

  7. I have an HTC Touch and it simply does not work per the instructions. Anyone get this working on an Android? If so, would you please share what, if anything, you did differently from the provided instructions? Thanks.

  8. so, I actually can't get this to work at all, I guess I'll have to go back to the regular iPhone IMAP setup, which is currently taking forever to verify, hopefully I can get it back...

  9. The setup is not working on my iPhone. Have set up as per the instructions but getting “cannot connect to server” message

  10. I use BBERRY and the link, in this site, reaches a 404 page. Please revise, so that I can download and try.
    Thank you in advance.Marcos Depresbiteris.

  11. Cannot get iphone to work. All set up as per instructions. I am aware the iphone can only have 1 exchange account, so I have deleted GOOGLE that was working perfectly for both calendar and contacts. Zoho deleted and setup - still not working. Anybody got any ideas?

  12. @David,
    The Zoho Mobile team has identified the cause of this repeating folder problem and have fixed the issue. Please check if the syncing works as expected now and let us know.

  13. Thanks, Zoho, for adding this service! I upgraded to the 15G plan just to be able to sync calendar and contacts. Now I can get my Zoho calendar on my iPhone!! I can stop using my Gmail calendar, when I'd rather keep it in my Zoho calendar!!

  14. Same as other Android users, I went through the set up, and I can send emails, but it won't receive. If this gets fixed, I'd like to hear about it.

  15. My issue now resolved, needed to enable mobile sync in control panel. cant say that this was obvious in any of the setup process. but read it in one of your other replies to DavidWill feedback soon now it is working and have time to try the serviceThanks

  16. Hari, Zoho Sync is enabled for all accounts, but the push notification is not working. I was able to send and manually sync. Also, I noticed that when I view folders for the new Zoho Sync account, I see multiple folders of the same name, for example:Inbox
    Outbox My standard Android Mail account is worked exactly as expected, no issues.

  17. @David,Please check if Zoho Sync has been enabled for individual users in your organization. Please request the administrator of your organization to go to Control Panel -> Mail Administration -> Mail Accounts -> Select a user account and check if the 'Mobile Sync' status (Third option under the username to the right of the user thumbnail picture) says 'Mobile Sync enabled'. If not, the administrator has to click 'change' to enable Mobile Sync.The administrator has to enable sync for every individual user one at a time currently. We will soon make an update to our control panel wherein an option to enable sync for all mail accounts at once is possible.We apologize for not having clear instructions about enabling sync. We shall update our help documents asap.

  18. Zoho Sync is not working on my Android phone. I can send from a newly created Zoho Sync account, but I am not notified when mail arrives. I see the new email in Zoho Mail on my PC. I upgraded 7 users to the Standard 15 GB plan specifically for Zoho Sync. If Zoho cannot get this working, I will downgrade to my previous plan, the Standard 10 GB.

  19. @Rsm, Girish, vertaling, Naveen Sharma, Erika Blackwell,Thanks :) Compliments always help amplify our passion to keep coming up with more kudos worthy updates.@Lena, mark, Darth, Ryan, Colin, Luca, Dean ChandlerSorry that you all have been facing problems in getting sync to work smoothly. We'll have our Zoho Mobile support team look into these issues. Please click the 'feedback' hyperlink on the the last but 2nd line in announcement blog post to provide more specific information to assist you faster and understand the problems better.@Sam, Robert, Chris, Cammie, Randy Bennet,Zoho Sync support is available only for users subscribed to the Standard 15GB Zoho Mail, hosted email plan as mentioned in the note towards the end of the announcement post. Our intention is to strike a balance with respect to the royalty fee we pay Microsoft for every mobile device that uses EAS and also the development efforts that have gone into implementing this service. @BobBMail sync for Blackberry and native mobile app are not yet available. But work is in progress on both fronts. You can use " rel="nofollow"> to check mail on your mobile's web browser which is optimized for mobile access.@KevinThanks for sharing the tip.

  20. I tested the zoho sync on a Windows Phone 7.5 and Android 2.3 device, I can only send email, all synch features are unavailable... I hope that's problem can be solved soon.

  21. iPhone set up not working - tried three times. I have my account working thru google apps. Is there a problem when we have it set up thru google apps?

  22. One tip for setting this up which I found is not make sure you do NOT try to perform the setup using wireless, use your 3G data connection. I had a problem on my Samsung Galaxy S2 where the setup would never complete.I guess iPhone users had this issue as I found this tip on some iPhone instructions but it works for Android handsets too.

  23. Great NewsHave upgraded to the 15GB plan today just to get this but its not working on my iPhone. Have set up as per the instructions but getting "cannot connect to server" messagePlease advise what else I need to do to get this working

  24. Is this available on the Blackberry platform Do you have a mobile app? Great e-mail service and functionality. I'm new to Zoho, and I'm impressed

  25. Being an Android user, i'll wait to hear feedback before setting up. What in particular were the models you had issues with?Thanks,Dean

  26. Currently pay to add email into Free-CRM. Will I be able to sync to Android or will there be another service to purchase to get the sync.

  27. We host our mail through Zoho, not Microsoft Exchange. Can we have this functionality hosting with you on our Android phones? Currently, I have been forwarding all Zoho mail to my Gmail account which is set up on my Android. I would rather have a Zoho icon on my phone with just Zoho mail. Can I do this?

  28. This is good news but only available for 15GB plan users which is not stated on this post. I do have a paid subscription but only the 10GB plan. It should be available to any paid subscription.

  29. I absolutely cannot get zoho working on Motorola Photon and i've tried all kinds of android exchange clients. 2003/2007 WebDav, 2007/2010 EWS, the stock corporate activesync client, maildroid, k-9, nothing works. The android instructions are different. I've tried all possible combinations for domain: username, me, \me, zoho\me, you get the idea nothing works. I want to get away from google but it's gotta work!

  30. I cannot figure out how to sync (push) my zoho email and calendar to my droidx. Can you send directions. much appreciated
    thank you

  31. thanks so much! I've been noticing that I've had some trouble interfacing with my iPhone and laptop mail. I'd read and organize everything on my phone, and then when I'd get on my computer, it would all still be in my inbox! Appreciate all the hard work!

  32. This was a very important announcement. I always saw this as a hole in functionality within Zoho. I hope this leads to many more subs for you guys.

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