New in Zoho Sheet: Format Painter, Vertical Merge and Goal Seek

We are glad to introduce the following new features in Zoho Sheet and we believe you will find these really useful.

Format Painter:
Copy formats and styles of one or more cells and apply them to other cells. This helps you in formatting your spreadsheet the way you want in no time.

Vertical Merge:
Merge cells across was already available. Now you can merge cells down as well. Go ahead and layout your spreadsheet the way you want.

Goal Seek:
Find the exact input value which will generate the desired result of a formula. More power to analyzing your data.

Chart Enhancements:
New options in Charts are now available – Set first row/column as labels and Legend position settings.

Here is a slideshow with screenshots depicting these features in action.

Zoho Sheet Screenshots

Learn more about these features on our discussion forum and post your feedback and suggestions.


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