A discussion: Does Zoho Creator have 300,000 customers?

I have clarified her about our claim in the same post by commenting that number - 300,000 is for users and not for customers, though we wish to have these numbers for customers ;) but we need to wait for some more time.
Couple of points from her post

 It seems such quantity of potential users should be of a great interest for VAR, Solution Providers or Individual developers, but I can hardly believe anybody builds a profitable business on that.

Zoho Creator has couple of partners who are bringing business regularly. We signed up Web Force Express, Inc last month, they were partnered with Coghead earlier. For the individual developers, I would recommend to read the comments by Zoho Creator developers at WebAppsatWork . They are the ones who can answer it better and they have done just that. We also have success stories at Marketplace

My concern is it’s difficult to call it a marketplace at this stage. I

mean just 200 requests (I followed the link you cited) sound not very

promising comparing it to 300 000 user base if anybody wants to build a

profitable business on this marketplace, doesn't it?

At Zoho we put out the service first and refine it with the frequent updates till it gets into a decent shape. Zoho Writer 2.0 is a proof of it. Anyone who has been using Zoho Writer since its launch can vouch for it. Yes we do admit that Zoho Marketplace has a long way to go, but no way is long enough. We are brainstorming about Marketplace 2.0. Nothing is concrete as yet. But we will match up to your and others expectations in coming days, for sure.

Thank you Zoho Creator developers - Ranjan, Pascal Veilleux, Gaev, George and Binarysprinter for voicing out your opinion. Check out their comments.


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