It's always good to see someone succeed.

Sharing customer stories who got their business solutions from the expert developer community at Zoho Marketplace.

What challenges did you face?

As the editor of a large online men's magazine we needed a solution to keep our 20+ writers organized.  We needed to be able to see who was assigned a piece and when it was due, but more importantly which writer's didn't currently have any assignments.

Why did you choose Zoho Marketplace?

Zoho offered us the opportunity to tell the community what we were looking for.  In turn, we received offers only from developers who were confident they could complete the project.

Did this application improve your business?

Within 24 hours we received a good many responses.  We were then able to contact those who matched our budget and finally narrow it down to the developer we chose.  We found a developer who was willing to create the application and sell it to us for only $9.  We wouldn't have been able to get these results for this price anywhere else except Zoho.

Who worked on your project (the developer) and how was the experience? 

We worked with George Baltatescu.  He was timely, (it only took a couple days for him to finish), he was interested putting our needs first, and he guaranteed to fix any issues we may have after installing.  Overall a great experience!