About Zoho's availability last Monday (April 6th)

Did you sign up for Zoho on Monday April 6th? You may have realized that performance-wise, that was not exactly our best day.

Last Monday, Randall Stross from The New York Times wrote a very interesting article about Zoho (Raju blogged about it then). It was quickly picked up and featured quite prominently on TechMeme. While we regularly get several thousand users signing up for our different services on a daily basis, Monday's coverage resulted in an N-fold (capital N!) increase of our daily sign-ups and people trying out Zoho - and all of this happened within a very short window of time.

Unfortunately, this meant that between 7.00 and 9.45 AM (PDT), pockets of users experienced system unstability while using some of our Zoho services. In particular, there were a a few instances where for about 3-5 minutes at time (30 minutes in total) some users were unable to reach our servers. Our infrastructure team got engaged quickly and was able to stabilize the system by around 9.45 AM.

If you visit status.zoho.com

you'll see these problems reflected in those red bars that

represent the availability of our services, particularly for Zoho


On Monday night, different teams were already working on identifying

the root-cause of the problem and evaluating different ways to make

sure our users and customers don't face this problem again. We're

confident that our infrastructure and setup can handle these sort of

traffic/usage spikes and more.

We sincerely apologize to all of our users who had a less-than-great experience with our services. We obviously take this very seriously. On a daily basis we have traffic spikes and equipment changes due to normal and expected hardware malfunction, all of this without our users ever taking notice. But this time it didn't happen that way, and we're sorry for that.

If you experienced any issues and have any questions where we can help you, please don't hesitate to contact us.



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