Introducing GST-Ready Financial Suite for Indian Businesses

At Zoho, we’re strong believers in India’s growth story. The recent events — Make in India, the move to digital payments, and the biggest of all tax reforms, GST — are setting up Indian businesses for growth and success.

Ever since the Rajya Sabha passed the GST bill in August 2016, we’ve been very busy. We set up a team of GST experts, who have analysed and understood the changes that businesses are going to experience in the new GST regime. When every invoice generated in the country has to pass through the GST Network (and that's close to 260-300 crore invoices per month), you know that it’s not a simple transition but a mammoth task that the government has undertaken. Returns that until now could be filed once every 3 - 6 months, now have to be filed thrice a month.

In short, businesses can no longer leave their back office operations on the back burner. The finance department of every company has bigger priorities than spending hours on additional bookkeeping requirements. They will need robust technology that will help them transition to the new era with ease.

  Introducing-GST-Ready-Finance Suite

One nation, one tax, one software.

As GST unifies states and union territories with a single indirect tax, businesses can run their entire back office operations with a single vendor — Zoho.  Zoho Finance apps are built from the ground up with the same database. This means that businesses using Zoho Finance Plus do not have to worry about duplicating data across apps or manually adding transactions. Transactions created in one app are made available contextually in the other apps.  

File GST returns with ease.

 With Zoho Finance Plus, there's no need to capture taxes separately or export data to another software for filing purposes. Businesses can create GST-compliant invoices and see the appropriate taxes captured on each transaction as it is generated. Zoho Finance Plus will generate all the monthly returns automatically so they can be filed with a click of a button.

 File GST returns with ease

Smart, beautiful software for India's businesses.

For so long, Indian businesses were used to dull, dated, disconnected software. These products were functional, no doubt, but they never aimed at improving the user experience. With the changing landscape (including the upcoming GST and the rise of digital payments), businesses now have a reason to switch to software that's online, connected, and able to make their work enjoyable. Simple things like fetching bank transactions online and reconciling them are a pleasure in Zoho Books — which makes the work feel a lot less like work.


How much does all this magic cost?

The entire Zoho Finance Plus suite is available for businesses at Rs2999/month/organization (excludes local tax). The Zoho Finance Plus suite includes:

  • Zoho Books: India's most powerful and intuitive accounting software for forward-thinking businesses.

    or, Zoho Invoice: Completely customizable invoicing software for freelancers or sole proprietors looking for a simple invoicing app to get paid on time.

  • Zoho Expense: Smart and engaging expense management app to keep track of employee expenses and reimbursements.

  • Zoho Subscriptions: Robust solution for subscription-based businesses to automate their recurring billing.

  • Zoho Inventory: Perfect order management and fulfillment solution for retailers in India.

All upgrades are part of the subscription fee.

Most businesses may have relied on spreadsheets and desktop accounting up until now, but that need not be the case anymore. Get GST-ready and choose software that evolves with your business needs.

Have questions about GST software or how to switch? Drop your comments below or write to us at support[at]zohofinanceplus[dot]com.


19 Replies to Introducing GST-Ready Financial Suite for Indian Businesses

  1. Currently, I do not see report being generated with Tax ids (VATs) on individual invoices/ bills. Can you suggest me how can we use report feature in Zoho books to generate tax summary with details of invoice and TAX ids(GSTs and VAT).

    1. Hi Pradeep, We can definitely give you a demo. Can you drop a mail to gstindia[at]zohofinance[dot]com. Do let us know your convenient time and date and we can schedule a demo for you. -Reshma

  2. It is being advertised in TV as Rs 2999 per year but website says Rs 2999/month. Is it not cheating?

    1. Hi Muralidaran, These are for two different products - Zoho Books and Zoho Finance Plus. Zoho Books India edition is available at Rs 2499/ year (exclusive of tax), as advertised on TV. This blog talks about our Zoho Finance Plus offering. Zoho Finance Plus includes Zoho Books/Zoho Invoice, Zoho Subscriptions, Zoho Inventory and Zoho Expense. This product is priced at Rs 2999/month. Both pricing are for two different products. Hope this helps.

  3. We are already using ZOHO books and paid for the subscription and what require to migrate it for GST compliant ZOHO Books, ALso do we require to pay separately for this ?

    1. Hello Sundarajan, Thanks for your comment and your interest in our software. If you're looking for Zoho Books, our GST ready accounting software, you can subscribe to it for Rs 2499/ year (Exclusive of tax). If you would like a demo, please drop us a mail to support[at]zohobooks[dot]com.

    1. Hello Dev, Thanks for your comments. If you're looking for just an accounting software then I would recommend you to try Zoho Books. It'll cost you Rs 2499/ year (Exclusive of tax). If you're looking for the complete financial suite to manage your inventory, accounting, expense reporting - you could try Zoho Finance Plus. Rest assured, very few products exist in the market today for this price. However, if you're still concerned about the pricing, I would urge you to talk to our sales team -sales[at]zohofinance[dot]com.

  4. is the GST module in zoho books ready? or will it still take time? there is less than a month left for transition!

  5. Hi Reshma, Good, we look forward to using Zoho to file our GST returns and hope it will work seamlessly . We already use Zoho books ( annual subscription). Do we have to migrate to Finance plus to get the GST filing benefits ? If so, what is the incremental cost for upgrading to Finance plus ? What modules in Finance plus that are not in Zoho books are mandatory to enable the GST filings ? Thanks, Karthik

    1. Hi Karthik Thanks for commenting on our post. GST features will be available in both Zoho Books and Zoho Finance Plus. You could choose to stay with Zoho Books itself or switch to Zoho Finance Plus. If you're looking for just accounting features and GST filing features, then Zoho Books should meet all your needs. However if you're looking for a more comprehensive financial solution, I would recommend you to try Zoho Finance Plus. Hope this helps.

  6. we are interested in Invoice software with GST return filing accounting software will be continue Tally . pl advice what you are offering.

    1. Hello Vinod, With Zoho Books, you can create GST compliant invoices and file them directly with the GST portal. You will not need another accounting software. I would definitely suggest you to" rel="nofollow">try our Free 14 day trial to see if Zoho Books fits your business needs. It costs just Rs 2499/ year (Exclusive of tax) and will supports all accounting features and GST Filing as well.

  7. In this blog, you are providing most important information about GST. Nowadays everyone talking about it and wants to know the impact of goods and service tax. Many firms have developed gst app and software for providing latest information which will help to understand business criteria and tax structure.

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