Make expensing easy with Email Receipts!

For people who are always working on the go, there's bound to be a lot of receipts in their inbox. From cab services like Uber to hotels and travel organizations, most companies today prefer issuing digital receipts over paper ones. To help you clean up your inbox for good and to make it completely receipts-free, we are introducing a major feature today called Email Receipts.

Email Receipts(1)

While capturing receipts with our smartphones is the easiest way to get them scanned, a lot of us have old air travel receipts or lengthy receipts from previous hotel visits lying in some corner of our inbox, just waiting to be submitted and reimbursed.

Forward your old receipts in your inbox to Zoho Expense, and Email Receipts will scan them for easy expense reporting. Not only does Email Receipts scan receipts from email attachments, it can also detect receipts in the content of emails and automatically create expense entries for them.

If you choose to use this feature, you can make your life better in just three steps:

  1. Once you enable the feature, we provide you with an email address to which you will email all your receipts.

  2.  You then set up your accounts with  vendors -- your  cab service, your cable, and even your cellular network -- to automatically send receipts to your newly generated email address.
  3. We get these receipts auto-scanned to create expense entries for you.

For even faster reporting, you can configure your email client to have those vendor bills automatically forwarded to your email address in Zoho Expense.

 This feature will be available immediately for all of our customers. Automate email forwarding in your inbox and leave the expense recording  to us.


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