9 Quick and Easy Tips Every Zoho Docs User Should Know: Part 2

In our previous blog post, we covered some exciting tips from Zoho Docs to help you be more productive. Today, we are delving a bit deeper to explore one of our online editors – Zoho Writer.

Zoho Writer is an online word processor built and designed to help you create beautiful and professional looking documents easily. While Zoho Writer is intuitively crafted to make every user experience a breeze, the following tips will be extra helpful in boosting your productivity next time you work on Zoho Writer.


1. Insert Quick Text

When documenting business contracts or merger agreements, you tend to repeat the company name at various places in the document. Instead of manually typing the name over and over again, you can save the text as a Quick Text from the Tools menu, and insert it in one click. It saves you time and avoids any unnecessary errors.

insert-quick-text (1)

2. Generate Lists

You can start a bulleted list or a numbered list easily by using some simple keyboard shortcuts. To do so, enter the star symbol (*) and hit the space bar for a bulleted list, or type 1. followed by a space to start a numbered list.

 3. Drag and Drop Text  

Often when reviewing documents or editing files, we relocate words, phrases or complete sentences to make the copy flow better. Copy-pasting the content to different locations is not only time-consuming, but annoying too! Zoho Writer makes it easier with the drag and drop option. Select the word, phrase or sentence you want to relocate, drag it to the place you think it fits best, and drop it there. Later, if you change your mind, just drag it back.

4. Move a Block of Text

Sometimes it isn’t the text or the phrase that needs a shove, it’s a complete paragraph that feels out of place. At those times, you can shift the entire paragraph from one location of your document to another. To do so, just place your cursor anywhere in the paragraph (highlighting is not required) and press and hold the Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down (in Mac) or Alt+Shift+Up/Down (in Window) to move the paragraph to the desired location. It also works when you have to move rows of a table up or down.

5. Bring in Images

While most word processors offer you the option to upload images to your document, Zoho Writer makes the process a bit simpler with the easy drag and drop option. So, the next time you are in the middle of a document and need an image, just drag and drop it from your folder into the document and you are all set!

6. Change Image Position

If the image is in your document and you don’t like where it is placed, you can just move it around without deleting and adding it again. Just like with text, images can be re-positioned by using the click and drag motion.

7. Repeat Last Action

It’s pretty simple: you did something, and you want to do it again without repeating the same steps. Well, you don’t have to because Zoho Writer does it for you. For example, if you have changed the font of a selected text and want to change another portion of text to the same font, you can just highlight the text and press Cmd + Y (in Mac) or Ctrl +Y (in Windows) to change the font automatically.

8. Get the Right Word

We all get stuck trying to find the right word: some don’t sound good, some don’t fit the context, and some unfortunately, make you seem less intelligent than you really are! Well, Zoho Writer’s Thesaurus is there to help you during those times. Replace a selected word with synonyms or related words from the Thesaurus in the Tools tabs and express your ideas more effectively.


9. Go Error Free

The tiny spell check icon at the bottom of your Zoho Writer page can help you determine whether or not your document has any errors. The error-free icon indicates your document is error free while the error alerts you to errors in the document. So, if you see a red cross, click on the icon to view all the errors in the document, and fix them without having to manually check each page.

Get started with these tips today and let us know how it works out for you. Be sure to tune in next week for more tips from your favorite spreadsheet application!


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