Introducing Zoho Desk for Intercom!

Zoho Desk integrates with Intercom

Your customers' expectations are baseline when they're chatting with you—fast response times, concise answers, and actionable information. Providing that kind of service with speed and precision however, requires context that's easily accessible.  

You also need to act on your customer conversations, from initiating processes to setting call-back reminders. Juggling between tabs to get all this done can be annoying.  

Now you can avoid that annoyance and get the most from your chats with customers by integrating your Intercom with Zoho Desk.  

With Zoho Desk, you can have more focused conversations, convert them into tickets, and close them faster than ever. 

Here are a few reasons why integrating your Intercom with Zoho Desk can greatly improve your customer experience:

Context at a click's reach.

 Zoho Desk fits the big picture into a single screen to equip you with context to provide quick and accurate solutions. When you're talking to a customer, you can see vital information at your disposal that can simplify the conversation. You can find a detailed array of customer information, a list of tickets they've previously raised, and conversation history from your Zoho Desk account.

Find context for your customer conversations.

From conversation to ticket, instantly.

With better conversations, comes a better understanding of your customer's issues. While chatting with a customer, you can create a ticket for the conversation right from the Intercom Inbox, with a single click. You can click on the ticket to start working on the ticket from Zoho Desk right away!

Convert your conversations into tickets with a single click.

Get the ball rolling.

Once you've created the ticket, you can take multiple courses of action to find solutions.

You can create internal processes for frequent requests with Blueprint. For example, if your customer asks for a refund, the ticket is guided to the corresponding teams and moves forward until the ticket is closed. You can create tasks or even schedule call-backs to follow-up and see to the ticket's smooth closure.

A bird's eye view to make the right decisions.

Decision-makers can get an omnichannel perspective of customer service data with detailed reports from Zoho Desk. Managers can spot insightful trends and gather actionable data, while team members can continue to use Intercom to get their work done.

Integrating with Zoho Desk gives you the right balance between having meaningful conversations with your customers and finding solutions.

Try Zoho Desk for Intercom and make customers happy with every conversation.


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