Social CRM: Getting a holistic view of your customers

Do you know what your customers, non-customers, advocates,
and detractors are saying about you when they’re not talking to you? John
Bastone, Global Product Marketing Manager, Customer Intelligence Industry and
Solution Marketing for SAS may be able to tell

SAS, a legendary statistical giant (I actually studied SAS
programming in college) is trying to make sense of the world of valuable yet
unstructured data that you don’t normally see in a CRM system. They’re trying
to link social media activity to customer activity to help businesses get a
holistic view of their customers.

Almost all of SAS’ clients are huge enterprise companies
that already have tons of people discussing them in the social sphere. They’re
just trying to make sense of all the chatter in terms of who are the
influencers, the advocates, and the detractors. But what if you’re not that big
and nobody’s talking about you? Is there nothing to measure?

Bastone says all is not lost. You still have a domain and an
industry and a certain topic area that’s relevant to you. Start searching for
pockets of consumers who care about those issues.



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