Just In: New DIY Web Forms, Round Robin Lead Assignment and Integration with Zoho Calendar

Last month, we released features such as Territory Management, Custom Modules, Custom Functions, Social tab and Integration with Zoho Campaigns. Now, we’ve added the new Do-It-Yourself (DIY) web forms, Round Robin style assignment rule and the long awaited integration with Zoho Calendar to our new features list.

Here’s a summary of the features:

Create web forms without writing a single line of code

Web forms are a great way to get prospects into Zoho CRM. But, you don’t have to be an expert in programming to create web forms for your website.  With the new What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) editor, you can create web forms in a minute! Just drag and drop the required fields in the form, set field alignment, mark fields as mandatory and much more. You also have options to upload fields and captcha to make your form spam-proof. Wrap it up by assigning lead ownership, enable notifications and approvals to ensure your Zoho CRM is clutter-free.


It’s even easy to host the forms live using the ready-to-use code formats. You can also deploy these forms in sites you’ve built using Zoho Sites, WordPress, Facebook, Google Sites and Joomla. Now that’s so much easier than before, right?

Distribute leads equally using Round Robin

So you’ve the leads from web forms into Zoho CRM. What’s next, you’d set assignment rules to distribute the leads to a sales rep. But what if you want the leads to be distributed evenly among your sales reps? Now you can distribute leads to different sales reps in round robin style. Round Robin is one of the most efficient queuing algorithm that helps distribute leads evenly by assigning leads to the successive sales rep in rotation. All you need to do is, just select the sales reps and add them to the round robin list, and your leads get automatically distributed to them.

Zoho CRM and Zoho Calendar IntegrationIntegration with Zoho Calendar

Do you use Zoho Calendar extensively to schedule meetings and appointments with your prospects? You can now synchronize the events between Zoho CRM’s calendar and Zoho Calendar. When you head over to Zoho Calendar, you’ll now be able to see – in addition to the events created there – your Zoho CRM’s calendar of events. So, you can use both the Calendars together without the confusion or doubt of which Calendar has which event. What’s more, through Zoho Calendar’s sync functionality on your mobile phones you can track CRM events while on the go!

We hope you’re excited about these two much-needed enhancements as we are.  Do try them out – its available to all subscribers – and share your experiences in the comments below.


15 Replies to Just In: New DIY Web Forms, Round Robin Lead Assignment and Integration with Zoho Calendar

  1. Hi, I am using Zoho web forms to capture leads from our Wordpress site. It is working pretty well but is there a way to assign a lead to a campaign? I have looked at automation rules but it seems to only let me populate fields within the same module, i.e. leads. I effectively want to do cross module population. At the moment I am having to manually associate the leads with a campaign - is there a way to do this automatically? Thanks, Paul

  2. Superb troubles once and for all, you just picked up some sort of company logo brand-new target audience. Just what exactly may perhaps . web siteyou actually recommend when it comes to ones distribute you created day or two prior to now? Every certain?

  3. We have started using ZOHO on Apple and Android. While new events linked to Accounts created on ios save fine, the new events are never saved on Android. Is this a known bug and is there a known fix? There are no error messages.

  4. Please make it clear in these posts which Edition's the new features are available for. It seems the new features are only available in the Enterprise edition so this should be mentioned in your post to save us wasting our time getting excited about new functions that we can't access without an upgrade.

  5. I created 2 forms and plugged them into our site. But the "required" fields are not being enforced when using the "Source" code. I tried using "iframe" but while "required" is enforced, it doesn't validate the content (such as email address for example). Is this a bug or do I have to do something in the settings? Thanks

    1. Hi Noelph, When you have two forms in the same page of a site, the names of both the form methods will be the same. So, you just need to rename on of the methods. It should work fine after that. Do try it and let us know.

  6. Hi Jon,If you've subscribed Zoho Calendar in Google calendar and trying to sync your mobile devices from Google, then your invited events will not show up. Please avail Zoho Calendar mobile sync option to sync with your mobile devices. You could access this link for more details, http://zsync.zohosites.com/Home.html" rel="nofollow">http://zsync.zohosites.com/Home.html For further assistance, please feel free to contact us at support(at)zohocalendar(dot)com

  7. +1 for Jon, when i invite my collaborator (zcrm user) to the event, he has just a mail ! Do you create an event in his ZCRM. it's more friendly. thanks

  8. We are happy with the new calendar sync, however it still seems we are trying to sync too many calendars at once to get our events where we need them. We are in CRM all day, so we use CRM calendar. If someone "invites" you to an event, or if we create an invite we can only do that through Zoho calendar. On our mobile devices, we have android and IOS users. It's easy for our android users to sync zoho calendar with google cal, but any invited events will not display. For the IOS users an additional sync is required. Maybe we do this all wrong.....

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