Smart web forms for digital marketing

The best marketing campaigns produce quality leads for your sales team. From landing pages to contact forms, capture customer information in CRM with one step. Zoho CRM offers both customizable and pre-built web forms that turn your digital marketing campaigns into lead generation machines.

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Here's how we can help you

  • Capture high-intent website visitors and engage with them right away
  • Automate lead generation process and assign incoming leads to the right rep
  • Send automatic replies once the visitor submits information on your website

Build forms without writing a single line of code

Launch marketing campaigns in no time. Using the web form editor, simply drag and drop the required fields and design forms the way you want.

Create web forms - CRM with web forms

Capture leads directly into your CRM

With web-to-lead forms, streamline lead generation by capturing website visitor information directly into CRM. Verify, approve, and automatically assign leads to sales reps with round-robin allocation.

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Build here. Publish anywhere

Easily host pre-built web forms in Google Sites, Unbounce, Joomla, and other content management systems.

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Improve lead generation by analyzing the performance of your webforms

Webforms are often your customer's first point of contact with your organization. A lead's choice to submit their information or not depends on how you've structured your forms. Measure how different webforms are performing by tracking individual field and geographical data. Identify friction areas that can cause prospects to drop off and eliminate them. Measure and improve the quality of your leads by attributing revenue generated directly to the forms that the leads came through.

Analyze the performance of your webforms

Identify and eliminate points of friction for your prospects

Prospects often drop off from your page without submitting their information through your webform. With detailed metrics like average time spent, abandon rate, field drop rate, and more, webform analytics helps you pinpoint the exact reasons for this so you can address them and drive better conversion on your website.


Drive better conversions across platforms

With mobile traffic growing every year, it's important to not just optimize your webpages for different platforms but your webforms as well. Understand how your webforms perform across different devices to identify and address device specific issues for your webforms and improve your overall conversions.


Determine what kinds of forms your customers resonate with using A/B testing

Identify your best performing webforms, and experiment with them. A/B test your webforms with different fields, CTAs, or even color combinations to improve your conversions. With fine-grained control, you can choose how long to run the tests, and the amount of traffic that needs to be sent to each version. Once the "winner" of your A/B tests is determined, deploy it across your website.

Conduct A/B testing to analyze which form performs the best

Validate and approve for instant action

Not all leads are created equal. Some leads are from people who are interested in your product, while others are just people who landed on your site. Approve genuine leads and automatically assign follow-up tasks to sales reps.

Web forms approval process - Zoho CRM lead management