IT company Ondimar uses Zoho CRM + Google Apps to run its business

The challenge for small business owners has long been finding a CRM application that is both effective and affordable. One such business is, a Brazilian information technology company owned and
operated by Ondimar Jose de Morais. The company specializes in
demonstrating systems, training users, and presenting IT alternatives to its client base.

Ondimar realized that the effectiveness of any CRM installation depends on the users’ ability to understand the process flow, share knowledge, and understand the utility of CRM as a fundamental business process. Meanwhile, the company’s CRM users were often spread thin engaging a variety of clients and business partners. started working with Zoho CRM two years ago and is quite happy with the decision. The company is now taking advantage of Zoho CRM’s integration with Google Apps.

“Zoho CRM has assisted me in tracking tasks,” says Ondimar. “We use Gmail, so I can monitor all requests that come to my team via email. Then, I can email the file after it is resolved. By integrating with Google Apps, Zoho CRM lets me share without difficulty or duplicating effort.”

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 on how Zoho CRM’s straightforward interface helped’s employees.

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5 Replies to IT company Ondimar uses Zoho CRM + Google Apps to run its business

  1. I thought google apps would integrate with zoho and I have tried to accomplish it with limted success. The big problem I have is the calender. I can't seem to make google calender work inside Zoho. I don't want to have to add events inside both programs. On a side note, I was able to download zoho meetings, reports,and Wiki inside google apps

  2. I started using CRM after I found out that it integrated with Google Apps. I'm hoping Zoho will continue working on interoperability... Really I'm hoping that Zoho CRM will play well with social media.

  3. Awesome! Leftmindblind is a new startup & we couldn't be happier to start using ZOHO from the ground up. It is exactly what we needed, when we needed it. Thanks for sharing your story..."

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