Introducing Zoho CRM's sticky notes

Post-it notes are one of the most successful accidents of our time. For a long time, post-it notes were a mainstay in many companies, and in some important ways, they still are. 

As psychologist and author Kevin Hogan states, the brightly colored papers represent a multitude of “powerful behavioral triggers”:

  • Post-its don’t match the environment. The sticky note takes up space and looks a bit cluttered. The brain, therefore, wants it gone.
  • It gets our attention, making it hard to ignore.
  • The sticky note is a representation of one person communicating with another, almost as if it is a request or a favor. This makes the recipient feel important.

 Many companies are trying to replicate the persuasive power of sticky notes on the digital platform. Even Google and Microsoft have their own versions of post-its: Evernote and Sticky Notes.

But if you’re someone who handles most of your business through your CRM, say, for example, a salesperson, then those applications pretty much lose their meaning. Sticky notes are meant to be an in-your-face reminder, but most digital sticky notes are more like notebooks: Every time you want to view a note or make a new one, you have to exit out of your browser and go back to your desktop.

There are two general scenarios where a salesperson needs to take notes:

1. Before a call with a lead, prospect or a customer, salespeople need to do some research and note down some information before engaging the prospect:

  • Reference customer details
  • Go through their purchase history to see if they bought similar products or services
  • See what the prospect’s business does
  • Look up contacts and connections that are common to both of your companies

2. During a call with leads, prospects etc., a rep needs to note down any vital piece of information that could pop up during the conversation like:

  • Contact information of key decision makers
  • Any referrals or contact information that was mentioned
  • Any specific needs or requests made by the prospect
  • Feedback on current vendors
  • Their goals and plans for the future

These are just some pieces of information that, when at your fingertips during a call, could make or break a deal and sticky notes are just the right tool for the job.

We recognize the importance of sticky notes, which is why we’ve made them available right inside Zoho CRM. These digital sticky notes stay on top of your dashboard, which acts as your workspace.  Go here if you need to write down ideas that pop up in your mind, set up your schedule for the day, or note down tasks and reminders for yourself. Sticky notes store all information that you think you might need to reference later.

Available in all editions of Zoho CRM, any sticky notes you create are not visible to other users in your CRM account.

Start using sticky notes in Zoho CRM today, and stay on top of your tasks at all times!


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    1. Good day, Paul. The "Sticky Notes" button is at the bottom right corner of the CRM dashboard right alongside Zia, reminders and recent items. It's the square icon with the pin attached.

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