How to Handle Multiple Processes with One CRM Account

The ultimate goal of technology is to make lives simpler. Software is used to automate processes. While automation might be simple when there is a clear and defined process, it becomes complicated when there are diverse processes involved. How can you deal with this diversity? Wouldn’t it be extremely convenient if there was one tool to manage all these distinct processes? This was the motivation behind building Page Layouts in Zoho CRM.


 What are Page Layouts?

We all love personalized products. Custom-made products lend an air of personalization and convenience. Why should it be any different when it comes to your CRM? Customization is to the CRM what a tailor is to clothes. Customization helps you transform ‘the’ CRM into ‘your’ CRM. Usually, reps are more comfortable working with and take more interest when the sales process they have to follow is tailored to their unique needs rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.Ensure your teams take greater ownership by letting them have a customized CRM that suits their requirements.

No two businesses are the same, and neither are the processes they follow. How then can you address this disparity with a single CRM account? The answer lies within Page Layouts. With this feature, you can give each team involved with a particular process the flexibility to organize CRM according to their requirements, under one account. So every salesperson can have their own sales process for the kind of entity they’re selling.

 You can define multiple processes using Page Layouts. Once you are done with this, workflows can be assigned, to automate the next set of actions.

 Page Layouts also helps you put the right deals in the right places. When your company sells diverse products, you need to ensure that you give the customer what they need. Creating multiple layouts for CRM will help categorize your deals. You can choose which process to apply for a particular request.



Automation is simple when there’s only one kind of sales process to implement. But it gets more complicated when your customer base is broader and when there’s more than one way to close a deal. Take the real estate industry, for example. Would the processes involved in selling beachfront property in Malibu, be the same as selling a commercial property in Times Square? What about selling space for developing a hotel in Las Vegas?

gif screen

There are different processes that govern the sale of the above mentioned properties. In addition to this, if we were to include rental properties, wouldn’t the process change dramatically? You can use page layouts to create three separate layouts for each type of property. Then you can set the rules for processing the deals and ensure that requests made by each client are fulfilled efficiently. So many cases will invariably lead to confusion within the CRM. Page Layouts simplifies processing and helps you generate the highest revenue by maximizing customer satisfaction with minimal ease. Sounds like a win-win situation.


We believe these cases will help users understand why we have incorporated this feature. Reps are more comfortable working when the sales process they have to follow is tailored to their needs, instead of being a one-size fits all approach. So make your reps a part of your process. Break your sales process down into multiple pages with multiple page layouts in Zoho CRM. The possibilities are endless. 

Read more about page layouts. If you haven’t yet tried Zoho CRM and its customization features, check it out at:


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