Multiple businesses. Multiple processes. One CRM.

In large businesses with diverse products, each sales team wants to organize CRM to fit with their sales strategy. For each market you sell to, your CRM needs to manage different sets of customer information, stages in your pipeline, and workflows. That's why Zoho CRM is ready to scale with your business. Organize your software with a different layout for each process.

Put the right deals in the right place.

When your company sells different products, you want to make sure you're giving the customer exactly what they need. Creating multiple layouts for your CRM helps you categorize your deals for better selling. Whether you're adding information to CRM manually, through web forms, APIs, or imported files, you'll get to choose which sales process each deal should go through.

Get the freedom you need to sell more.

Give each team the flexibility to organize CRM the way they want. Workflows can be associated with different layouts so your teams can automate CRM for their specific sales needs. From high-touch customers to low-maintainance subscription renewals, set individualized processes and cover all the bases.

Better segmentation for more accurate sales.

Analyzing your business is easier when you segment your processes into layouts. See an overview of your entire organization's sales, or break it down by the performance of individual products. Use detailed analytics to create more accurate forecasts and make smarter decisions.

Control who sees what.

Keep information in each layout secure by choosing who gets to see what. Fine-tune permissions at any time as your business grows or changes.