A Happy Convert from a 20-Year DOS-Based Database to Full Zoho Integration

For twenty years, Randy Parker, Group Benefits Specialist for LegalShield was stuck on a DOS-based database for all his contact management and CRM duties. Six months ago he stopped using it and moved over to Zoho.

At the Zoho user conference, Zoholics, in Burlingame, California, Parker admitted it took a while for him to come out of the dark ages, but he’s happy now because he was able to translate all his database knowledge to Zoho CRM and is still capable of doing all the same things he did with his DOS based system. But more importantly he’s not locked to any other applications with their poor, costly, and often non-existent integration.

Outlook was his lifeblood, said Parker. He used to live and die by it and also Google Docs. And he used to pay a lot of money to Citrix to use their service GoToMeeting. He’s replaced all of those services with Zoho Mail, Docs, and Meetings.

Jubilant about Zoho, Parker said, “I just love this stinkin’ program.”

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