Zoho Services Having Performance Problem, Please Use Read Only Version (Update: All Services Are Up Now)

We are experiencing performance problem across all Zoho services right now (as of 6:30 AM Pacific Time). Our team is looking at it.

Please use read-only versions, which are hosted from our separate data center.

These are the URLs:

Zoho CRM:  https://crm-ro.zoho.com

Zoho Creator: https://creator-ro.zoho.com

Zoho Invoice: https://invoice-ro.zoho.com

Zoho Mail: https://mail-ro.zoho.com

We are working on this right now, and we will post updates as soon as we have additional information.

Update: We are experiencing packet loss on our network access paths, and we are working on it right now.

Update 2 9:13 AM PST: We have brought down the degree of packet loss, but still due to intermittent packet loss services are slow. We are working on it.

Update 3: As of 9:30 AM PST packet loss has been reduced to negligible levels. Services should be accessible now, but we are still monitoring closely. We will post a root cause analysis in a day or two, and what actions we are taking.

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