Your Customers’ Dependence on Mobile Begs a Mobile CRM Strategy

A mobile CRM strategy is absolutely vital, said Paul Greenberg, Principal of The 56 Group and Chairman of the CRM Evolution 2012 conference where I spoke to him about the importance of developing a mobile CRM strategy.

Think of it this way, a significant percentage of the population, the ones with the most spending power, literally lives on their devices, said Greenberg. They can’t help themselves from looking at it. When Greenberg presents at conferences he makes a joke about our reliance and compulsion towards our phone. He asks how many people are going to make it through his entire presentation without looking down at their phone? While it’s a funny anecdote, it’s more importantly a powerful reality.

People that are critical to your business live a significant portion of their lives on their devices. For example, salespeople who use the company’s CRM application, your customers, and people who decide to make purchases on the spot. When developing your mobile CRM strategy, don’t think about how people can interact with the device, said Greenberg. Instead ask yourself, what is the customer-facing strategy we need to interact with people using these devices?

Greenberg gave an example of L’Oreal cosmetics’ mobile CRM strategy. Wherever a L’Oreal customer may be, they can maintain communications, use their loyalty points, access user reviews of products on the greater web, and purchase products with their credit card all through the mobile application. In essence, they can participate in the L’Oreal relationship and purchase experience via a reliable tool that’s with them wherever they go.

While you might not have a mobile CRM strategy right now, that doesn’t mean you can ignore it. In fact, Greenberg advises everyone start working on their mobile CRM strategy immediately after watching the above video.

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