Customer Spotlight: Payment Tracking Not A Chore Anymore- Cookie Department

Order a cookie and a coffee. Bring them together and you get “Awaken Baked” – caffeinated espresso cookie, the creation of Akiva Resnikoff.

Akiva bakes functional cookies. And that means that every cookie of his creation has a purpose. The owner of Cookie Department, Akiva, was fascinated by the concept of adding a functional attribute to the cookie that will make it something…more than just a cookie.

He started his business venture in 2009 and did everything right from baking to packing to getting more orders and to delivering. Word of mouth spread around the city and now he’s known as the Cookie Guy of Berkeley. With fame came more opportunities and so did more business.

With scarce time on hand, he decided to invest in an invoicing software to manage his customers and payments. His search ended with Zoho Invoice. Having used Zoho Invoice for some time now, he says the language is simple and user-friendly. More importantly, tracking of payments is no longer a chore.

What does he like about Zoho Invoice?

Zoho Invoice is a lot easier to explore and move around compared to other applications. I use it to track customer sales and inventory. I also have their app on my phone and use it frequently for invoicing.

Read more about Akiva’s story, a young entrepreneur who got an overwhelming response from the crowdfunding site, Kickstarter.

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