Check Out Zoho CRM 5

Regular readers of this blog would have noticed the teaser posts made on Zoho CRM 5.

Zoho CRM 5 is finally out! Specialty being it is offered both as a service & as a downloadable product. Salient points of the realease below:
Marketing Automation: Campaigns, Email Marketing and Lead Generation for Marketing folks

Sales Force Automation: Leads, Assignment Rules, Capture Leads from Website, Accounts & Contacts, Business opportunities, Sales Stage History, Big deal Alerts, Sales Pipeline Analysis, Competitor analysis, Win-Loss Analysis, Sales Quotas, Sales Forecasts, and so on for your sales force.

Customer Support & Service: Cases (Trouble Tickets), Solutions (Knowledge base), Capture Cases from Website as well as from Microsoft Outlook Email client etc for your support reps.

Order Management: Integrated Procurement and Customer fulfillment process that includes Products, Price Books, Sales Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices, Purchase Orders and Vendor Management.

Reports & Dashboard: Fully customizable Reports & Dashboards with more than 25 reports and intuitive Flash-based Bar, Stack, Pie and Funnel charts.

Customize CRM solution as per vertical industry including renaming of tabs, adding custom fields, modifying module page layouts, and modifying related list views (360 degree view)

Outlook Edition: Add-on to synchronize contacts and emails between MS Outlook and Zoho CRM.

Workflow Management: Trigger workflow rules based on predefined workflow criteria and send alert messages through email/create tasks to the intended users. Default workflow rules includes, Lead Assignment and Big Deal Alert.

Activities & Calendar integrated with all relevant modules for a better 360 degrees view.




On-demand Signup:

On-premise Download:



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