3 Easy Steps for Embedding Zoho CRM Web Forms in Facebook Pages

If you follow our

Facebook page, you would have noticed a “Request a Demo” link on the left hand side. Refer to the visual at the right.

This was the result of one of our experiments on how to use Zoho CRM in the social frontier. A Facebook fan page is certainly a great way to engage your prospects. It doesn’t stop there… How do you collect information from these visitors? With Zoho CRM web forms, you can!

Zoho CRM web forms can come in handy when you want to gather information from your web page visitors. The details are automatically pushed to your CRM account on submission.

Getting the form in your web page takes almost no time. It is as simple as create > edit > save. Take a look at the below presentation. These are the steps that we followed for embedding the ‘Request a Demo’ form in our page.

A very big thank you to Kenji Saegusa, a Zoho CRM fan, who posted this query in our fan page. Your question inspired us to try this out.

If you are using Facebook for marketing, then Zoho CRM web forms can help you capture leads directly from your company’s Facebook page. Try embedding forms in your Facebook pages and tell us about your experience.

And, yes, in case you need a demo of Zoho CRM, you can always fill the form and submit. We’ll get your message!

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3 Replies to 3 Easy Steps for Embedding Zoho CRM Web Forms in Facebook Pages

  1. can we, similarly, embed Zoho creator forms and reports inside FB ? that will be very useful ..also given the ubiquity of FB, is there a possibility to use Creator for creating FB apps ... particularly ones that pull user data, that user has made public, into the application ... that will be mighty useful

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