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Linchpin seems to be the buzz word these days. With this post.. Rodrigo set the ball rolling on how we encourage linchpinness @ Zoho. However,loooong before the book came about and talked about this revolutionary sounding idea.. Zoho has been a pioneer of this concept.  We use Zoho services within Zoho extensively.. Take Zoho Creator for example..Zoho Creator has simplified lives for many teams here at Zoho..  From the simplest of use cases/situations/scenarios like using an application to book train tickets for a team outing, collecting registrations for a Badminton/ Cricket tournament, arranging lunch for non working days or even making Cab reservations all the way up to serious ones like requesting a hardware, monitoring overseas travel by employees etc.. You name it… you can find one here..

The admin team @Zoho, however, is by far the most serious user of Zoho Creator. Until about a couple of years back.. the head count here at Zoho was at a manageable 500. Now that we’ve grown to be more than twice that.. taking care of the logistics for various activities became a challenge.. That’s when Zoho Creator stepped in and made the difference..
Applications came up left right and center.. Requesting a hardware/software was just one form away..auditing software downloads became a breeze.. Even booking a cab to drop you home no longer involved sending an email to the admin team and waiting for a response.. Trivial things which had to be accomplished in a complicated manner were now child’s play..

We thought it would be nice to showcase to our users, apart from coming up with solutions for their everyday need.. how we eat our dog food.. Each real time scenario that we have mentioned above has an application, a story behind why the application was built, how much effort it involved, was it really as complex as it sounds and more.. Starting next week, we shall unveil each one of these beautiful apps through a series of posts in this space.

 Stay Tuned!!


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