"@zoho love what you guys are doing ... Keep on polishing, its the little things that would help now"

I saw this tweet today from Daniel Harrison from Hobart, Australia and that somehow captured what we are focused on at Zoho right now perfectly:

@zoho love what you guys are doing, literally brilliant. Keep on polishing, its the little things that would help now.
Thanks for the shout-out Daniel. We are on it, our focus in the past few months has been on perfecting, polishing, enhancing and integrating the Zoho suite. We knew when we began the Zoho adventure 5 years ago that it would be a marathon, not a sprint. We have come a long, long way since, but we still feel the race has barely begun. Zoho is already a solid, growing business now, with steadily increasing numbers of paying customers, yet we know the potential ahead is enormous. Our development team is tirelessly working away to realize that potential.

We anticipate a few more product announcements in the coming months, but by far the biggest part of our effort is going towards enhancing the existing apps, as customer feedback pours in. Keep that feedback coming. It is a huge source of psychic energy for our team.

Once gain, thank you for your tweet, Daniel!


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