Zoho CRM & Zoho Creator: the affair is getting better

Zoho CRM and Zoho Creator continue to be two of our most loved services. To all of you who use both these services alike, we believe this will be good news. The integration started off with two DELUGE tasks solely for Zoho CRM. Now, there are 9 tasks that make communication between these two services, simpler like never before. To sum things up, you can

1. Create a record on Zoho CRM – For records submitted to a Zoho Creator application, you can create a corresponding record on Zoho CRM too.
2. Fetch records from Zoho CRM that fall in a specific range of index.
3. Search for records on Zoho CRM.
4. Search for records on Zoho CRM, by specific predefined columns.
5. Update an existing record on Zoho CRM, using the values submitted into Zoho Creator.
6. Fetch related records from Zoho CRM, based on a specific record ID.
7. Fetch records from Zoho CRM of specific record ID.
8. Fetch values from Zoho CRM, by accessing Zoho CRM fields through Zoho Creator.
9. Attach files from Zoho Creator to a Zoho CRM module.

When used in combination, the possibilities of automating tasks are countless. Learn more about these Zoho Creator DELUGE tasks and their syntax, here.


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  1. I agree with Brian. I do too have Zoho CRM, however, I do not fully understand the roll of zoho creator. I watched some videos showing how to make a contact page for zoho creator and seen articles about them merging. Can someone please explain, in layman's terms, how they co-exist and possibly integrate?

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