Build intelligence into your Zoho Creator forms

If there’s one feature we had to pick in Zoho Creator that could help you achieve the most, with the least amount of effort, it’s Form Automation.

Form automation is a time-saving addition to Zoho Creator that can make your everyday work easier. It allows you to define your business rules and workflows. The best part is you can do this without any coding.

With this feature, your app can now show/hide fields or sub-forms or complete a set of tasks when a form rule is met while the user fills, submits or modifies a form. You can trigger actions such as displaying custom confirmation messages, redirecting users to different web pages, sending predefined email/SMS notifications based on different rules that are met.

In an Order Management app or any app with a payment facility, where customers can pick from multiple modes of payment. If the customer selects Credit Card as the method of payment, then he/she would see fields such as Name, Credit Card number and so on. Whereas, if they picked bank payment as the mode of payment, the fields would be different. Based on the customer’s selection, you can show him/her the relevant fields. Another scenario could be a doctor’s appointment booking app. If the patient says, yes in the Allergy field, then questions related to the allergy will show up in the form.

In a service request application, for instance. You can simply configure a notification to the respective team when the customer picks a product from the dropdown options.

It is unbelievably simple to create a form automation. It’s just three steps:

1. Create the rule. When this rule is met, the action is triggered.

Form Automation- Rules

2. Select a task, the action that needs to be triggered.

Form Automation- Email Notification

3. Assign tasks to rules.

Form Automation- Associate Rules to tasks

And voila! You have automated a task.

Give Zoho Creator’s Form Automation a shot! You’ll be amazed at the intelligence you build into the forms in just a couple of minutes. And this is just the beginning. We will be adding many more going forward. We’d love to hear from you, though. Let us know what workflows you’ll be building in the comments below.


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  1. Barcodes web API can be used to generate barcodes for your Zoho Creator database. The API uses a very simple RESTful interface. Each barcode can be generated by creating the proper URL. Currently, the API supports the following barcode types:Code 39 (c39)Code 128a (c128a)Code 128b (c128b)Code 128c (c128c)4 of 5 Interleaved (i2of5)

  2. I'd like to have a barcode field in zoho creator or zoho creator app. There's a lot missing until zoho will add a barcode field. We use a lot of barcode items like vehicle chassis, store items. I also had attended a technology showcase for a particular project where the only capability missing in my zoho app was the ability to capture barcode into a field.

  3. Hi, I would like to create an Automation where everytime I add a Record of a Certain Customer an Email will be sent to his or her Email with the copy of the record that was added . Please contact me for further Explanation.. 786 631 6862

  4. Would be great if synced on mobile to work on and offline. Sales people expect too this kind of benefit but they often don't have any network in many locations.

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