New in the App Store: Zoho Books for iPad

When you say cloud, the first thing that we want you to think of is anytime, anywhere access.  But having said that, a product is never truly on the ‘Cloud’ until it is easily accessible
anytime, anywhere, on any device.


In an effort to make Zoho Books a complete ‘Cloud’ accounting software app, we’re making a major announcement today. We’re pleased to announce the availability of our new Zoho Books iPad app.This native app is perfectly optimized for your iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini.


A few months back, we launched our Windows surface app that helped business owners stay updated with their Windows phones and surface tablets while on the move. For the iPad app, we’ve brought in all the major functions from the web version so that you can run your business on your tablet from anywhere.

Here are the major features in the native app:


The New Zoho Books UI is even more beautiful


When Steve Jobs introduced the iPad, the first thing that he spoke about was how beautiful an app or a webpage would look on it. We couldn’t agree more.The new Zoho Books UI looks stunning on the iPad. We’ve given it a beautiful design and screens that are easy to navigate. You’ll have to see it for yourself to believe it.


Start your day with the Dashboard


An interactive dashboard for you to get important insights into your business as soon as you open it. Get information on your receivables, payables and cash flow. Learn how your business is faring and what part needs attention.


Record Expenses. Anywhere.


Remember that wonderful lunch you had with a prospect and how you forgot to record the business expense? Now record it right there, right away on your iPad. Capture and attach the receipt for reference.


Time tracking. On the Move.


We’ve included all the project management functions from the web version of Zoho Books. Add projects, create timesheets, add users and invoice it right from your iPad.


Take your team mobile

Working remote as a team has never been this easy. With User Preferences, invite your colleagues to work remote. Invite your staff to work on timesheets and clock time remotely.


Instant Estimates

Meeting a prospect at a coffee shop? Discuss business, create an impressive estimate before you finish the discussion and mail it to them.


Key Business Reports

As a business owner, it is not easy calling it a day until you are satisfied with the numbers. View critical reports on sales, receivables and payables. Do it from home!

If you’re reading this from your iPad, then here you go!


That’s not all. We’re working on optimizing it for the iPhone
 6 and iPhone 6 plus. We’ll continue to update the app with fresh new features. And as always, it is with your feedback that we make it even more awesome.


8 Replies to New in the App Store: Zoho Books for iPad

  1. Hello Harish, any update on Purchase Orders for iPad and Android? It would be a huge help to be able to provide PO's in the field. Give me some good news and keep up the good work. -g-

    1. Hi Steve, Yes, our tech teams have plans to bring the PO feature for iPad and android. I can't commit a date of release as of now, but it will definitely be available. I'll keep you posted on this. Regards, Harish

  2. Hello Harish, any update on purchase orders for iPad and Android, that's a big help when out in the field I can issue PO's. Give me some good news, it's past the end of the quarter and onto a new year. Keep up the good work -g-

  3. How can I see and track inventory on iPhone 6? I've downloaded an app, on web version I can enable Items tab, but it's not visible on iPhone. Inventory and product price list is cruicial for my business. Please advise how to enable these functions. Thanks, Dan

  4. Hi, I have to say, a job well done. Congrats to your team on the iPad version. There are some small points, but they really are small points. I'm excited to be able to use Books 'on-the-go' as I haven't thought it was worth it until now.

  5. I have been waiting for the IPAD version for some time now. Using Books on my Note3 was good, but still too small screen to do more things. I noticed however that option for Purchase Orders was not in the android version, has this been taken care of ? Best

    1. Hi Jean, We hope you like the iPad app. Do share some feedback with us after using it. We are working on bringing in the Purchase Order feature in the android version. It will be available before the end of this quarter. Best Regards, Harish

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