The 'team' in teamwork: Announcing the release of the all-new Zoho Connect.

We’re glad to announce the release of Zoho Connect, a team collaboration software that brings people and resources together in one place. From ideation to implementation, Connect helps teams every step of the way.

Four years ago, Zoho Connect was born out of the need to communicate freely with anyone in our organization, regardless of their location or designation. Today, we’re an organization with thousands of people—with a diverse set of skills and opinions—and Zoho Connect brings our juxtapositions together. From the high-tech world of Silicon Valley to a rustically charming town in rural India, we stand connected as one big team, working towards a common vision.

This did not happen overnight. As we evolved as an organization, we realized that it wasn’t just about being able to close the distances between us, it was about being able to work on the same page—from sharing ideas to delivering results. It was about being able to reach out to people, and access all of our information and tools, any time we needed to. It was about being able to bring our work culture to our screens, and take it along with us anywhere. This is exactly what we’ve done with the new Zoho Connect: unify people, information, and tools with a single app. And we’ve given it a great new interface so it’s even more intuitive and pleasant to use.

Here’s how you can benefit from our new version:

Bring team interactions to your screen.
Inspiration can strike at any time. A casual conversation with a team member can give you your next great idea, and a post in Zoho Connect is all it takes to get the entire team involved. All your conversations are intuitively organized, so you can easily keep track of your private messages and @mentions. With more feed options including questions and announcements, finding answers or discussing important updates is a breeze.

Instant communication makes for better decisions, and this is exactly what you get with Channels. Create channels for your team, hold discussions in real time, and be there to help make crucial decisions — even if you’re halfway across the world.

Forge solutions from within your network by starting forum discussions. Share company newsletters, conduct open house sessions, or take some time out for light-hearted banter. Give your forum posts more context by associating them with relevant categories. Follow the categories that interest you, and stay current on the discussions they generate.

Translate ideas into teamwork.
Move your team’s work forward by creating a Board—a simple tool to manage your shared work. Break down your work into manageable sections, then add and assign tasks to team members. The Kanban view gives you an overall perspective of what everybody is working on. Each task has a feed of its own and a timeline that lets you see your changes and the progress you’ve made. From the finer details to the entire plan, track your team’s work and ensure that you deliver results without having to break a sweat.

Give your team the whole picture.
With Manuals, your team can build a virtual library of resources that they can draw from when needed. It’s pretty simple: knowledge of any kind can be compiled neatly using manuals. Share onboarding materials, company policies, or best practices guides. When information is right at their fingertips, your team can easily stay focused and productive.

Keep your apps as connected as your teams.
Why juggle multiple apps when you could be balancing effortlessly? With integrations for popular apps like Trello, MailChimp, Zoho Campaigns, Lucidchart, and more, get all of your apps talking to your team. From the latest numbers on your campaign, to an alert for a new Google Drive file upload, find out all about it from within Zoho Connect. Use our Zapier integration to connect your team with over 750 web apps.

We’re excited to get the word out about this new version of Zoho Connect.

Let us know what you think in the comments below, or drop us a line at Ask us a question or just say hi — we’d love to hear from you.


20 Replies to The 'team' in teamwork: Announcing the release of the all-new Zoho Connect.

    1. Hello, While Jabber focuses mainly on instant messaging, Zoho Connect brings the best of two worlds: real-time chat and a social-network style communication. You can try out the product for free by signing up at You can or write to us here or drop a line to if you need any information on Zoho Connect.

  1. It took me a few years to get a clue and realize that Zoho is everything! We love where you are going and the updates, change, pricing and etc. Keep up the great work!

  2. This is an excellent addition to the zoho suite, and exactly what I needed to decide to base on your platform for my latest startup instead of my normal provider, I think this will be perfect for my team.

  3. Thanks to you guys for developing this platform and to my new Millennial friends who introduced me to it. I'm very excited to start using it and exploring the tools available in it. We desperately need the connectivity available.

    1. Hi Bruce, We're excited for you too! You can sign up at and start using the product. Do share your thoughts on what worked and what we could do better.

  4. can we have all accounts of the team open at the same time? I now need to log out and log in again every time I need to go from one account to another...

  5. is there any way to integrate with crm to easily share and store files to be shared privately with just one person (example: Clients Agreements, Invoices etc) I have a team of contractors that don't need access to CRM but I still need to share documents with them, and also is there any ways to integrate any e sign software to send documents out for signature? I really love the different Zoho Apps, I just dont need them all, I wish there could one that does everything I need. :(

  6. We use heterogenous set of tools from different providers to overcome some of these team-work challenges. I'm interested to try this out now if it can bring it all together under the same ecosystem. Good writing by the author. Good work by Zoho & team.

    1. Hi Sreenath, do give Zoho Connect a try and let us know what you think. Our idea behind this version is to simplify teamwork by bringing together a set of features that lets people communicate effectively, easily access all the resources they need and plan and execute work. Feel free to reach out to us here or at, we'd be glad to know your thoughts on this.

    1. Hi Jamie, the UI was in the beta stage and you were given early access to it.:) We've now released the new UI officially: everyone who signs up will land on the new UI.

  7. Excellent! I was looking for this for my company, and since we are Zoho Report customers for some years, it is natural for us to keep working with Zoho solutions. I hope the spanish translation will be completed soon (some texts are still in english).

    1. Hi Juan, do try out Zoho Connect. We'd be happy to give you a demo and assist you with setting up your network. Yes, we are working on the Spanish translation, and it will be done in 7-10 days.

  8. We cant live without ZOHO Connect!! Our offices in Spain, México, France and others... we work like only ONE company!! I cant imagine the reasons to dont dedicate more time to comunicate better!! This is the most important key in our company!!

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